Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cubby Ho!

Today I attacked a tiny cubby that resides in my kitchen just inside my side door. There is an under-cabinet area there that is made up of five such cubbies. Two are my property, three belong to Alex.

I'm not even going to go into how horrifying Alex's cubbies are.

One of mine was fine. The other, seen to the left, was full of stuff. Although I went through it and reorganized it into submission, I wasn't able to get rid of a ton of stuff.

The thing is that most of the items in that cubby were things I needed but didn't know what to do with, or that I hadn't gotten around to putting in their proper homes.

So I found homes for things (my kids' birth certificates and social security cards, for instance). And I put other things in their proper homes (little pictures I'd intended to hang up got hung up). And I remembered to give the dog her heartworm medicine because it is stashed there too.

It looks better now, huh?

The only things I got rid of were a couple of freebie calendar books, a cell phone headset that came with my phone (still in its original plastic), and a single lead test stick I got as a sample. (I'm going to try to fob that off on one of my friends.)

But I also got rid of an order form for a free pedometer from the Goldfish people. Because I don't need a pedometer, even if it is free. I don't think I would use it, and it would have just ended up cluttering something up. Probably the very cubby where the order form used to live.

I'm counting that as 5 things. (No one ever said they had to be substantial things to count.)


Even though I made progress, I was a little disappointed in my numbers, so I decided to head on over to the cat food shelf that is in my cookie sheet cupboard. (Weird, I know.)

There were 28 cans of cat food in there. And because my cats eat almost entirely dry food, 26 of them were expired. One of them had expired in January of 2006.

You have to work pretty hard to keep cans of food long enough for them to expire. Particularly if that food is not even intended for human consumption.

Here you see all the food I had to throw away and the two cans that my cats are going to eat today and tomorrow. Because those cans expire next month.

So, 26 cans + five items from above = 31 purged items today. (Maybe I should have chosen a loftier goal than 6 items a day.)


tulipmom said...

I'm impressed with your purging! I just threw out a brown grocery bag full of expired low-carb salad dressings I bought when they were discontinued last year. Did I really think I could consume 20-some bottles in a year's time? Needless to say, D. wasn't thrilled.

Kelly said...

I am LMAO at the cat food!

Jessica said...

LOVE these new cabinets. Betcha feel all organized and pretty inside - awesome!!

Sue said...

This is very inspiring. I especially love the before and after photos. I think I will try tackling my own junk pyramid, one little cabinet at a time!

Can't wait to read more.

Jenn said...

What an awesome idea! I may need to jump on this bandwagon as my DH chewed my hiney just last week for "all these clothes you never wear".


KAL said...

Wow, this is great! You are my inspiration.

annette said...

Okay, I stopped reading halfway, went and decluttered my desk, then came back and finished reading. Thanks for the inspiration!

Stimey said...

I'm so happy that you all are interested. Annette, I love that you decluttered your desk! Onward!