Friday, February 29, 2008

It Only Took Three and a Half Years

When we moved into our house three and a half years ago, this is what we found in a corner of the basement:

In case you were wondering, that's 19 cans of paint and one thingy of paint thinner.

Yesterday, when I was cleaning out a section of my basement, I realized that something had to be done with these old, rusty paint cans that were never going to be used again.

A quick check on Google showed me where and when and how to drop it off.

Then it was just a matter of ordering Alex to cart all those half-full (half-empty?) paint cans to the car and Jack, Quinn, and I took 'em to the Shady Grove Solid Waste Transfer Station this morning after we dropped Sam at school.

Jack was completely excited to be taking a trip to the dump and insisted on helping me transfer the cans from the car to the hazardous materials table.

My decluttering for the day was accomplished by 9:15 a.m.

This one was really satisfying, folks.

Item count for today: 20


Jessica said...

What a feeling!

Love the declutter feeling!

Sue said...

You inspired me!

Kelley said...

OH my GOD!! What a fabulous idea! I might just steal it. As in I have taken the next week off work to clean my house, it is an annual thing the week before my birthday.

I might just start up a quick little blog to chart my progress, just for me. And share with you if you like. But no one else! I would be too mortified for my Goddess of Everything halo to slip!

the new girl said...

very good, my friend.

Stimey said...

You all make me so happy. (Even if I originally read the new girl's comment as "my fiend.")

Kelley, there's no way that halo of yours could slip. Please steal my idea and share the humiliation of posting photos of the dirtiest, weirdest parts of your home.

Thrift Store Mama said...

I came across your blog from your comment on my good friend la vida cochinillo. It is so inspiring. I wonder if you might talk a little bit more about a couple things: how and why the stuff got into your house in the first place and if you are following a plan/method as you move through the house decluttering and how you manage doing it everyday in addition to your regular household chores. I've got an two girls (9/05 and 7/07) and while my house used to be fairly clean, I'm afraid I'm getting to the point of no return!