Thursday, February 28, 2008

My First Big Project

You may have noticed that I've been working on small projects. This is largely because they're much easier than the big projects. Plus, if I declutter a large space, then I have to find a place to take all the clutter.

Last night, Amvets called me to see if I have stuff I can donate to them on Monday. Usually I tell them: "Not this time, but call again next time you're in the neighborhood."

Last night, though, I said, "Yes. I can have stuff for you on Monday."

Perfect timing.

So with an outlet for my crap, I embarked on my first large project today.

Welcome to my basement. I wonder what's in these boxes and bins...

It turns out that most of these are full of old letters and school mementos that belong to both me and Alex. I'm not touching Alex's stuff, and I'm not ready to cull through my stuff yet, but I was still able to find a whole lot of stuff to get rid of.

One thing I found was this box full of old plastic Easter eggs. Some of them had never even been cracked open. Quinn had some fun going through them and finding year-old candy and stickers.

I didn't want to just throw these away, but we hide real eggs on Easter. I always think I'll use these, but I don't. So I contacted the woman who plans an Easter egg hunt for my MOMS Club every year and she's agreed to take them. Awesome. One more item gone.

Other things I got rid off?

* 12 coats, windbreakers, scarves, and glove sets that are going to Amvets.

* Two nets intended to go over playpens. A stroller cover for a stroller I no longer have. Also to Amvets.

* Easter egg grass and a weird bunny. Trash.

* Christmas cards from 2004. Recycling.

* Beads from a necklace a friend made me for Christmas in 2006. Quinn broke it shortly thereafter and she restrung it for me. Then Jack broke it and she refused (rightfully) to restring it again. Trash.

* The two arches from a Gymini mat I also no longer have. Sadly, trash.

* My empty wedding dress box. This counts as an item because even though it's just an empty box, it has been taking up a big chunk of space in my basement ever since I transferred the dress to another location. Recycling.

Final item count for today: 19


Joeymom said...

You should put the beads up on freecycle. They're still perfectly good- and the folks come to your house and cat the unwanted junk away, and you don't put extra trash in the landfill.

That is my hippie advice for the day.

Thank you, I will be here all week.

Anonymous said...

When you figure out what to do with the school mementos, let me know.
That is one area that I'm at a loss as to how to "declutter". So, I'm inspired by your goal, and now I need to go clear out a drawer or closet...

Way to go!!


the new girl said...

Okay I'm a Stimey's Junk Junkie.

Living vicariously is so, so sad.

Anonymous said...

Those were nice beads, and they weren't probably taking up much space. sniff. See if you get any more necklaces from me! sniff sniff. humph. I suppose I can still be your friend.