Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Tupperware Cabinet

Today I tackled a cabinet that causes me all sorts of problems: the Tupperware cabinet. This is what it looked like before I started:

Clearly this cabinet needed some pruning. There were lids in there that hadn't had mates for months, if not years. And vice-versa.

I've tried to clean this out before and come across things like water bottles that make me think, "Oh, I forgot about that. I should keep it because now that I know about it, I'll use it." And then I would promptly re-forget about it.

This cabinet has not really been usable for a while because it's difficult to find the right container. And then forget about finding the lid as well. So there were three or four Tupperwares in the front that got used, and then thirty more in the back that made it hard to stuff the ones we used back in.

I got rid of 18 plastic containers and a plethora of lids. Those water bottles I spoke of above? Gone. A chip bag clip that never gets used? Also gone. Two random pieces of a popsicle-making set that kept surviving? Gone, baby, gone.

These all ended up in my recycling bin, but I actually don't think that my county recycles plastic like this, so it will probably end up in the trash. (I think I would be hard-pressed to pawn old, stained Tupperware off on one of my friends.)

Above, you see what I am counting as 21 items. (I'm counting all the lids as 1 item.)

And below? The fruits of my labor:

I'm loving this. Two cabinets down, a zillion to go.


the new girl said...


whymommy said...

Sadly, there are takers for this kind of stuff on freecycle.

Especially if you post pictures!

You're doing great!

Linda said...

I will be SOOO impressed if it stays this way. I can't tell you how much I declutter and organize and it always ends up back. Please let me know if you find a way to keep it that way. Please, please, please.

Alias Mother said...

I totally did the Tupperware thing a few weeks ago. I found about 12 lids with no containers and 4 containers with no lids. Plus a zillion take-out containers that we were reusing.

I felt ridiculously accomplished afterwards, even though it only took maybe 20 minutes.