Saturday, March 1, 2008

Apparently I Hate My Clothes

Like many people, I separate my clothes into winter clothes and summer clothes. Right now, as it is winter, my summer clothes are in my closet (which, incidentally, is not in my bedroom) and my winter clothes are in my dresser in a big pile on top of my dresser.

In preparation for my Amvets donation, I thought I'd go through my closet of summer clothes and get rid of stuff.

I donated anything that I don't remember wearing last summer. I also donated anything that when I wear it, I think, "Wow! This doesn't look good on me."

This was a lot of clothing to donate.

And sadly, I decided to donate some items from my (much) smaller days that just make me sad when I see them. Like the purple velvet floor-length skirt and matching camisole. That was pretty. But I haven't worn it since 1999. I also donated my calf-length black dress covered top to bottom in horizontal stripes, because that will never look good on me again.

I wasn't quite ready to get rid of some sentimental t-shirts and some clothes in a more medium size that I could potentially wear tastefully again.

All told, I'm donating 53 items of clothing from my closet.

Really. Who needs this many clothes?

Tomorrow, I'm going through my winter clothes. And I'm gonna fold the keepers and put 'em away while I'm at it. I don't think I'll be brave enough to post a before photo, but it would be illustrative.


m said...

Just found you via The New Girl. Genius! I will be watching and admiring. Maybe even following suit. Or not.

Go, girl.

Whirlwind said...

Wow thanks for the inspiration. Today while my daughter was in the bathroom, I cleaned out the counter under the sink, then a nightstand and a hall closet. I too plan on going through my clothes and donating the ones which don't fit or are from my younger years.

Kelly said...

Dang girl! You can do my closets next. I have a lot of clothes I don't wear anymore but I keep thinking "maybe it will come back in style" or "with the right outfit...." etc. I'm hopeless.

the new girl said...

I do this every season or so. It seems that the total amount of clothing doesn't decrease. Except compared to my husband's stuff.

P.S. What ARE you doing about your husband's stuff? And your kids' stuff?

whymommy said...

Awesome. I've got a vanful of outgrown/outmoded/outliked clothes myself, ready for AmVets or Shepherd's TAble. I am SO excited to get rid of them.

Hurrah for clean closets and clothes that can breathe!