Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baby Steps

I had another slow day here at The Junk Pyramid. In fact, I only got rid of five items. But five is better than zero, right?

Here you'll see two Peter Rabbit crib sheets that really don't match Quinn's new toddler bed. Those sheets, by the way, they were Sam's. They've been well loved.

The shoes come from Quinn. The last time I put them on his feet he started crying and when I felt his toes, they were all squished up at the front.

The other two things are bath toys. The one on the left is a container of bath crayons, which are a total pain in the ass, and almost used up anyway. The thing on the right is a tub of pellets that change the color of the bath. It is empty. I include it in my count because, even though it's empty, it's been on a shelf in my bathroom for months.

And that, my dear friends, is the very definition of clutter: an unusable item taking up space and causing ugliness. Well, that's my definition of clutter anyway.

Total items for today: 5