Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back On My Game

With Sam, Jack, and Alex off to the Natural History Museum and an under-the-weather Quinn sleeping on the couch, I tackled a project that really needed to be done.

Without further ado, my coat closet and cleaning supplies space in all its "before" glory:

It's ironic that a closet that houses my broom hasn't been swept in quite some time.

I blame a lot of this closet's clutter on Alex's motorcycle gear. He has no less than three sets of pants and two coats/warming jackets stuffed into this tiny closet. Let me tell you, that stuff is bulky. Perhaps rightfully so, but it's still crapping up my closet. Let's see what I can do.

Well, first I can break a perfectly good plastic hangar trying to consolidate his jacket and pants overwear in a hanging position. That hangar gets trashed. My second attempt was much more successful.

On thing I found in the closet, but can under no circumstances get rid of, was Alex's beaver fur winter hat.

I know, I know: fur. I don't like it either. But Alex does. And he bought it in Alaska after the judge he was clerking for at the time pointed out the difference between down clothes and fur thusly:

"Geese fly south for the winter. Beavers don't."

Can't argue much with that.

And no matter how ridiculous I look in this hat (notice the little fur pompoms), Alex looks ten times as ridiculous. In an adorably Alex sort of way.

Some interesting things I found in the closet:

* Like six hundred tote bags. I love tote bags. And I have uses for all of them. I have great totes from my kids' preschool, from Joeymom's shop, from Asperger Square 8's shop (that's my quote in the red there: "I love my autistic child—AS HE IS!"), from Mommy Needs A Cocktail, from Land's End, and from the Alaskan Resource Center for Parents and Children. Only the last one didn't make the cut.

* I also like purses. I found six in the closet. One I'm getting rid of. The others get stowed away for days when I don't feel like using my seatbelt bag.

* Pledge. I found one bottle and was going to throw it away because one of my librarian friends told me that those of her ilk prefer Endust because it doesn't leave a permanent residue. After I found three more bottles, I only got rid of the two partially used ones. I don't want to piss Alex off after all, because apparently he likes this product. Note to Alex: Let's buy Endust from now on.

* Three separate kinds of silver polish. I got rid of all of it except for Wright's, because we all know that Wright's rules. And the others have been sort of ineffectual for me.

* Clorox Ready Mop pads. I don't think we have this mop anymore. Anyone need?

* Wood oil purchased at the Alaska Bowl Company. In Fairbanks. Where I lived nearly five years ago. Clearly I'm not using this.

* Prescription antibiotic ointment (in this closet?) that expired in 2005.

* A size 3T raincoat that hasn't been used since Sam was that size.

* A yellow down vest that I picked up at a winter clothing exchange this fall. I loved it when I brought it home, but the couple of times I wore it, I felt like, "HI! I'M WEARING YELLOW! DO YOU SEE MY YELLOW COAT? HELLO?! HELLO?!" I'll donate it to someone else who might feel more comfortable in it.

Here's what I got rid off:

Some of it got trashed, some of it got recycled, some of it got put in my "donations" box, which I am happy to say is regularly getting pawed through when I have people over to my house.

And here is my finished product:

I can't say it looks much different in the picture, but in real life there is a huge difference.

Total (fuzzy math) items for today: 8


the new girl said...

Very nice. You should have a little paypal thing on this site where people can pay you the shipping for items that you're discarding that they want. My sister was asking me about your track pants and I was just thinking that all those plasic easter eggs could go to the neighborhood association for the big easter egg hunt.

Your readers would all be like 'Freegans.' But we'd be like, 'Stimeygans' or 'Freemeyans.'

Whirlwind said...

Even small differences are big differences! I've been doing some small things around the house - you've definitely inspired me.

I've thought about starting my own blog to see just how much junk I can live without and so I can stay focused, but I'd hate to steal your idea!

Manic Mommy said...

Thought on your husband's motorcycle stuff: if he doesn't use it regularly, what about those infomercial space bags where you vacuum out all the air?

Also? I like the vest but it does scream "flotation device."

Stimey said...

Hey, new girl, that's a great idea. I like the idea of sending my stuff all over. I'll look into it. I also like the idea of Stimeygans. Can we be a cult?

Whirlwind, I am so happy to inspire you! Please, steal my idea! Just make sure to send me the URL so I can peer at your junk too!

Manic Mommy, he does use it regularly enough that it makes sense to keep it there, although maybe in a couple months we can store the warming clothes. Also, I hadn't thought about the flotations device aspect of the vest, but you're completely right!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

omg the hat is too funny : ) but i love the logic about down and fur, though i hate fur.
and that seatbelt purse! hello, that rocks. i did end a lengthy relationship with about 10 purses around christmas time. i'm down to about 5 now and really, i 'm not a purse person.
i love this decluttering and really am thinking about doing it myself. at some point. soon.

Anonymous said...

We use Hagerty's silver polish at my house. My grandmother said it's best--better than Wrights.
L the Librarian

whymommy said...

I am totally enjoying this blog, Stimey. Especially cause i get to see you in the hat!