Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoping For Spring!

My mood was optimistic today when I decided to go through Quinn's dresser and get rid of the winter clothes that will be too small next year. (I love that last child because when he's done with clothes I get to get rid of them instead of pack them away for the next boy.)

Because I've erred on the happy "It's spring!" side before only to be smacked in the face with subsequent cold and snow, I left him some sweaters.

And it's not like he wears most of his clothes anyway. He is extremely picky and freaks out if I try to put him in something slightly different than that which he likes. I'm sure if I'd asked, he would have helped me himself.

I got rid of 21 items of clothing. (He's clearly my child in that, like me, he has too many clothes. This is also the burden of the third boy.)


I got rid of my very last baby gate today as well. It has been wedged in my fireplace opening since we moved into this house. I decided that the children were finally old enough not to hurl themselves into the ashy hearth. I'm not counting this as an item because I took the gate out to the garage and brought the fireplace screen in from the garage, so I didn't actually get rid of anything.

I'm just bragging that I don't have baby gates anymore.

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Whirlwind said...

one baby gate, but it doesn't serve a purpose. We put it across Moe's bedroom door at night, but she can move it to get out anyway.

My next task is going through their clothing. And you right, the third one gets ALOT of clothes! Even with school uniforms, I am amazed at how many clothes my oldest has!