Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How To Dump Your Toys on Other People

Well, to dump your toys on other people, you first have to find a friend who will agree to take the toys. Preferably find a friend with younger children. Then invite them over for a playdate and carefully watch to see what toys their kids like to play with that your kids don't.

Then send the toys home with them:

Then hope your friends won't stop coming to see you because you keep forcing them to take toys home with them. Many apologies to my good (and accommodating) friend H.

Two toys down, four to go. I looked around the basement for the most irritating toy we had. Oooh, here's one:

These are actually great to have. For a while. Then they take up a whole lot of space and get scattered all over, and you will grow to hate them. Plus, these particular blocks are really old and have certainly done their duty.

To recycling with them!

I just needed three more items. These three items:

The bean bag was a no-brainer. It's outside is split and no one ever uses it to sit on anymore. I just move it around the basement in an effort to find an inoffensive place to put it. Hey! I know an inoffensive place to put it: the trash can.

The Discovery Toys game is a great game. But my kids haven't played with it for months, if not years. That's going in my donation box.

And the carpet squares? About a year ago someone had dropped dozens of carpet squares at my preschool. The preschool then offered them to parents before they tossed them.

Why would you possibly want seven carpet squares, you might ask?

Good damn question. But at some point, I did want them. We played with them twice.

Get thee to the trash, ye carpet squares!

Total item count for today: 6


Linda said...

Man, you rock at this. You're like the REAL FlyLady. I love the playdate idea. I'm going to try that one. My kids don't play with anything so this might be a hard one to try.

Anonymous said...

I just found this and your "regular" blog and I have to say WELL DONE. And we live in the same county. I always love to find other people in the area with multiple kids (I have 4 under age 9).

I love love love the idea of sending things home with playdates. Over the course of the last month or so I've donated 28 bags (large green bags) and about 10 boxes of clothes and toys and other detritus in preparation to try to sell my house. Ack. Good for you for getting in the habit of doing it every single day.

Manic Mommy said...

Hey! I had those cardboard bricks. The boys played with them everywhere we went, so Santa brought them for Christmas.

And there, they sat. For two years. The most playing that ever occurred was me stacking them back up and them knocking down my nice, neat pile.

I pawned them off on my playgroup leader a few months ago. Last week, we're at playgroup, and what do they reach for?

I don't think they even remember we owned them once.

Stimey said...

Linda, thank you! Even if your kids don't play with anything, you may have to sneak the toys away. Somehow they object even if it's a toy they don't care about.

Fishygirl, welcome to my blogs! I also love to find other people in my area. Kudos on your many items given away. I can't imagine the work that would be ahead of me if I tried to sell my house.

Manic Mommy, as I emailed, the surest way to get kids to stop playing with toys is to buy them for your house!

whymommy said...

Stimey, my fingers are hovering over the keyboard, over and over, hesitating, but ... I'd take those cardboard blocks off your hands if you want to freecycle them to me. My kid loves his, but we don't have enough to build "a really TALL castle!"

Any chance they're still around?