Friday, March 7, 2008

The Lazy Woman's Way to Declutter

I spent my morning today watching my kids watch someone install a new door on my house. Then in the afternoon, wiped out from a full morning of, you know, watching, Quinn and I took a looooong nap.

It was 7:30 by the time I realized that I hadn't decluttered anything yet today. And that's why I'm glad I have this blog. Because if I didn't, I wouldn't have cleaned a damn thing.

But I do have this blog, so I looked around me for the closest cluttered space. And I found it in the form of my top right-hand desk drawer.


Something you would think about me if you looked at the contents of this drawer is that I am clearly a person who needs to staple a lot of things.

And that doesn't even include the electric stapler that lives on my desk. And I don't really staple that much.

This is what I got rid of:

This batch includes two of my staplers, some assorted trash, two bottles of wite-out that I bought so long ago I didn't even remember that I had them, and a watch that doesn't work and that I didn't like much when it did work.

I'm also getting rid of a Cross pen that I was given years ago. I loved that pen. I still love that pen. But it's been sent to Cross three times to be fixed and it keeps breaking.

Considering I don't have a corkboard anywhere in my home, I found it surprising that I have so many pushpins. I'm going to donate those to Jack's teacher.

I also found the child safety latch that had fallen off the drawer and then served its purpose by making the contents of the drawer so voluminous that it was hard to open. At least it was still working, right?

There was more in the drawer, but some things, such as safety scissors and glue sticks, got put in their proper homes.

Here is my final result:

Those kids are going to be able to open that drawer anytime they want now. This is what is known as a peril of decluttering.

I'm not counting each of these items individually, but my fuzzy math brings my total item count for the day to: 8