Friday, March 21, 2008

My Poor Friends

No one's ever going to want to come to my house again.

A radiant WhyMommy came by with both of her little guys today to play. And I swear I didn't invite her just so she'd take some of my stuff home with her.

We've done some trading of items in the past. She gave me a used futon for my basement (which I use to nap on lie down on while vigilantly watching my children play). And I gave her a Cozy Coupe.

But now I'm ahead, because all she had to do was say the word "tent" and I was all like, "Hey, do you want our play tent? You really should take it. Here, I'll walk it out to your car."

And then, when Widget pulled out the fire truck he always likes to play with at our house, I was like, "Distract my kids, I'm going to haul these upstairs while they're not looking and put them where you can't possibly forget them. After I photograph them of course."



But while they are large items, that's only two things. So I went through my map cabinet tonight while I was making tacos for dinner.

And by "map cabinet," I mean, "top shelf of one of my cabinets that I can't reach so I throw shit up there that I'll never use."

I found 16 maps, 2 atlases, and 3 guide books that I was able to get rid of.

But here was my mistake: I didn't keep WhyMommy around to distract my husband.

"You're going to throw all those maps away?" he asked, completely chagrined.

"When are we going to use them?" I asked. I should have asked if he had even been aware of the maps' existence, because he hasn't exactly been poring over them at night to find new routes to the park down the block.

And frankly, if I have three atlases of Maryland and one is from this year, one is from 2000, and one is from the '90s, how many do I really need? And have you ever heard of MapQuest anyway?

But I restrained myself from being (too much of) a jerk and quietly placed them in the recycling bin.

Total items for today: 23


Sue said...

We had a topographical map book of Virginia. (We don't even live in Virginia.) It didn't even show roads. Just elevation. Three times I tried to recycle it and the hub pulled it out. I finally managed to get rid of it when he was at work one day. (He still doesn't know because he NEVER looked at it.)

Di said...

I have an atlas of Florida.

I live in NY.

And thanks to you, I am inspired to start getting rid of stuff. We just moved and are working on unpacking and clearing out at the same time. So far, I've gotten rid of two huge boxes worth of stuff, loads of magazines and a box of expired food. (Including three bags of dried beans I have no recollection of buying.)

WhyMommy said...

Nicely done!

Widget LOVES the fire truck and was so proud of it when we unpacked the car (and by unpacked, I mean, took all the stuff we bought at Target out of it, finally) and showed it to Daddy. They spent a good amount of time this morning, raising and lowering the ladder, and talking together about putting out fires.

Awesome. You made our day -- thank you!

Carrie said...

that is seriously a lot of maps! I don't think we even own a