Monday, March 10, 2008


We're going to nerd it up at The Junk Pyramid today.

I almost wanted to do this in secret, but I figured I've already exposed enough of myself to y'all, so a little more doesn't matter.

I'm a complete word puzzle nerd. I'm the person who buys those "Variety Puzzles: Jumbo Issue" that normal people walk by in the grocery store. I'm the one who ordered a set of 40 of those books a couple years ago for a cheap price. I'm the one who is steadily working her way through these books. I'm the one (hiding head in embarrassment) who attaches the book to a clipboard for easier puzzling.

I'm the one who has a puzzle clipboard on two different floors of my house.

I am also the one who has a bad habit of skipping puzzles I don't like or can't finish, but swear to myself that I'll come back and finish the book later. I'm a bit of a completest. I hate to leave things halfway done.

But I also hate to go back through partially used books (books that only have the lame and really hard puzzles left) when there are so many fresh, unblemished books waiting in my basement.

(Look. I warned you that I was going to nerd it up, didn't I?)

So I finally took it upon myself to recycle all those books that I didn't want to finish, but couldn't throw away:

Total items for today: 19


Some of you have had questions. I'll be putting up another FAQ soon. So ask 'em if you got 'em!


Creative Kerfuffle said...

i had to de-lurk (stupid word) to say hooray--i'm not the only puzzle dork! crosswords are my drug. i do them in pen, not because i'm that smart but because i can see the pen better than the pencil. if i don't finish a puzzle in one sitting i rarely come back to it because i too love the freshness of a new puzzle. i hate it if someone else in the house picks it up and tries to "help" me; however i have one friend i trust enough to work puzzles with. i hate the easy puzzles and the other "games" that get in the way of the crossword.
whew, i feel better, getting that off my chest.
i love your blog btw and have been thinking i need to declutter. nah, maybe tomorrow : )
Creative Kerfuffle

Stimey said...

Thank GOD I'm not alone.

Dawn said...

New reader here - I LOVE your daily decluttering idea. You've inspired me to take on a few small projects of my own. Easter Seals is making their seasonal collection rounds in our neighborhood in a couple of weeks and my goal is to FILL that truck UP. LOL :)

I am a total puzzle dork too. I was laid up with a broken foot last year and was all "Woo - time to break out the puzzle books!" LOL

Oh and I hate people trying to "help" with them too. Argh.

Whirlwind said...

I'm addicted to Sudoko puzzles.

the new girl said...

I've fallen behind!! I have to catch up.