Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rice With Pasta For Dinner, Anyone?

This one didn't make me happy. It made me feel sad and wasteful and as if I were directly responsible for starving people who would have loved the expired food I threw away today.

I have two pantry-type cabinets. I went through one of them today:

It's tough to know if what I need is somewhere in there. So I end up buying more whole canned tomatoes or whatever, and when I figure out that I already have whole canned tomatoes, it's 2008 and the original tomatoes expired in 2006.

True story.

Here are my sad expired castaways:

Most of this expired in 2006. How does that happen? You'll see a bunch of 100-calorie snack foods I got tired of before making it through the whole Costco pack. By the date on them, I'm guessing I went through that phase in 2005.

You'll also see a package of Whoppers left over from Halloween. Because nobody likes to eat the Whoppers.

And that green Archer Farms meal in the back? I bought a couple of them from Target thinking they might be easy all-in-one meals. Don't fall into that trap. Easy, yes. Delicious, no.

Here's my after shot:

I organized this cabinet by making a rice shelf and a pasta shelf. I'm moving all of the canned goods to the other cabinet so they're all together.

Except for beans for taco night. All the taco fixin's are staying together here. Along with adult snack food and candy that gets doled out to the children to bribe them to potty train or fetch Alex beers or whatever.

I found a bunch of Top Ramen in this cabinet from the Ramen-craving days of Quinn's pregnancy. (Maybe my mass consumption of this type of "food" explains why he is so weird.) Anyway, this is also expired, but I can't imagine that there's anything in there that will kill me if I eat it. It's just noodles, salt, and MSG, right? I'm having it for lunch today. And tomorrow. And the next day. (It's a little embarrassing to admit to you that I'm going to be eating expired Ramen noodles for lunch. See how much I love and trust you?)

After organizing this cabinet, I've made a vow to work my way steadily through these dry goods before any more of them go bad and before I buy any more rice or pasta at the grocery store.

So if you have delicious rice or pasta recipes, I'd love to have them.

Tomorrow I'll go through the other cabinet.

Total items for today (after grouping by category): 7

Update: Expired Top Ramen is really gross.


Whirlwind said...

I just cleaned out the pantry. In it I found bread mixes that expired in 2005, and also cheese mixes tossed in from taco packs. And take out condiments. All got tossed of course.

Sue said...

Holy cow! I didn't know dry and canned goods expired! Now I have a project for today.

Jessica said...

Have I told your blog lately that I love it?

I LIVE for this decluttering weirdness.

And I COMPLETELY would have tried the expired Top Ramen myself. I often have nights where I Google all of the weird remnants of my freezer & pantry in the hopes of finding a dinner recipe. This shows I am both a total cheapskate AND lazy about hitting the grocery store.

I LOVE THIS BLOG! You have GOT to send it in to Real Simple, they might even come in and remodel or bring in the expensive closet companies.

I think that thought just make me O on your behalf. Gross.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

uh, i'm with sue. i didn't know dry and canned goods expired. cripes. i guess i know what i'm doing this weekend.

Manic Mommy said...

I too feel bad throwing away food and have begun consciously serving left overs before they rot in my fridge.

I have to say I find even unexpired Ramen to be disgusting - but I can totally see it during pregnancy. Your ankles must have been HUGE.

Stimey said...

Whirlwind: Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Sue and CK: I'm always happy to educate! I first learned this after moving cans of soup three times only to discover that they were, like, five years old.

Jessica: Oh, I blush. If they'd remodel for me, I'd totally whore myself out for their magazine. :)

Manic Mommy: After this afternoon, I don't think I'll ever eat Ramen again. As for my pregnancy ankles...why should they be different than any other part of my pregnancy body? (Huge.)

the new girl said...

Life it TOO SHORT to eat expired Ramen!