Thursday, March 13, 2008

Salt and Pepper, Anyone?

'Cause we have some if you need it.

I tackled my other pantry cabinet today. This one had a lot more food in it. And a lot more spilled food coloring. (Which I ended up consolidating with my many cake sprinkles in a Tupperware container.)

It was nearly impossible to tell what was in here by simply opening the cabinet door:

I think my biggest problem is that all of my flour and baking stuff was on the bottom shelf, but it really didn't need to be. I need to have cans of food where I can tell what it is instead of cake flour, wheat flour, and two kinds of brown sugar where I can see it. And, contrary to appearances and the existence of three containers of cupcake papers, I don't really bake all that often.

I ended up moving my canned goods to the bottom shelf where they will be easier to inventory. Flour, sugar, jarred spaghetti sauce and other more often used items went on the second shelf.

(Although my kids won't eat the current spaghetti sauce I have because when I thought it was clever to get sauce with spinach in it so they'd eat a vegetable, I neglected to remember that they have eyes, would see the green bits, and then refuse to eat spaghetti—one of the six foods they're usually willing to consume.)

I also put extra containers of spices on this shelf. Note to Alex: Why did you buy a two and half pound container of garlic salt?

On the third shelf I put the weird flours, baking stuff, Bisquik, and some of the many pudding cups I found.

The fourth shelf is for packaged bake mixes, oats, and extra containers of peanut butter and ketchup.

Some odd things I found? A can of water chestnuts. An open envelope of yeast. A box of Splenda. And astounding amounts of baking powder and the aforementioned pudding.

I was able to find some food to donate this time at least. There's a food donation organization housed in the church that houses my preschool, so I get to just drop that off on Monday.

Here is my donation:

And here is my sad parade of expired items.

There was a time when I ate an envelope of tuna for lunch every day. There are two whole stacks of those behind the rest of the food.

Goal: Make better use of my food before it expires.

Approximate items for today: 20


Whirlwind said...

A can of water chestnuts is weird? Those have actually become one of the items we use alot! I did my pantry last week and tossed a ton.

Sue said...

Even SPLENDA can expire?? Ack!

And your cabinet looks so nice now!

Stimey said...

Yes, water chestnuts are weird. What on earth would you make with them? (Once my mom made some sort of horrible vegetarian loaf with them in lieu of a turkey for Christmas dinner when both my sister and I were vegetarians. But it wasn't edible so I don't even consider it to be food. And don't worry, my mom won't be offended. She would agree, I think, that water chestnuts are a weird thing to have.)

And I'm not sure that Splenda expires, but I never use it (except that one time I ran out of sugar and for some reason I had Splenda in the cupboard). So don't go throwing out your artificial sweeteners on my word!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

this and the last post on cabinets makes me think someone needs to design better cabinets--you know, ones that don't turn in to black holes and you never know what's in them? though i've not cleaned mine out (yet) i now for a fact there are some cup o noodles back there that are at least 5 years old.
now i'm curious as to what you can do with water chestnuts though.

Stimey said...

CK, I completely agree. My pantry cabinets are trapezoid shaped with the small part at the front. So things totally disappear in there. There's a lot of space, but you can't find a damn thing.

Thrift Store Mama said...

A 2.5 lb. container of garlic salt? You know what that sounds like? Costco.

Your cabinets would REALLY benefit from a very large lazy Susan that would somehow magically fit through the tiny opening. I wonder is such a thing exists.

They really do look lovely.