Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Becoming a Pest in 59 Short Days

Well, I think I've officially become the jerk that forces her stuff on other people. I pretty much made my friend take these bowls home with her when she stopped by this afternoon for some scooter riding in my driveway.

I learned something from today: If you have to talk someone into taking something, maybe they really don't want it. (Although I do think she really wanted them, she just didn't have a need for them. Or space for them. Am I hurting the cause of decluttering if all I'm doing is causing clutter in someone else's home?)

But just look at that awesome set of six stainless steel bowls! I have some other mixing bowls that I like better, which is why I'm getting rid of them.

Sorry, L. Next time I won't require you to take my junk home with you.

Also discarded today: a cracked hamper and a ball.

Total items: 8


Anonymous said...

I love those bowls. YM

Stimey said...

YM: If only I could get them to Australia for you...

Thrift Store Mama said...

I wrote an ode to you. Well, it's really not an ode, just a post dedicated to you.