Monday, April 21, 2008

Deadly Water Bottles

I am saddened to report that our three super-cool water bottles are now poison.

Well, maybe they are and maybe they're not, but I'd really rather drink out of something that I know is not poison.

That green one on the left is almost new. I bought it about a month ago and loved it so much that I almost blogged about it before I realized how utterly ridiculous blogging about a water bottle would be.

When the BPA thing started getting wide exposure, I figured that I would just not let my kids and their little developing brains drink out of the toxic plastic. But then a friend of mine talked me into getting rid of them.

My new water bottle is an Eddie Bauer brand. I emailed them asking if I could get a refund. They emailed back with this:

"The manufacturers of our polycarbonate products monitor scientific research
concerning the safety of products including BPA.

Recent comprehensive reviews of polycarbonate and BPA by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA), the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, the American
Council on Science & Safety, and many regulatory bodies worldwide, including
the European Commission Scientific Committee on Food, the United Kingdom
Food Standards Agency, and the Japan Ministry for Health, Labor, & Welfare
all concluded that there is no known safety risk."

I hope you didn't bother reading all of that. Basically it said, "Blah de blah de blah, BPA is safe. You're not getting your money back."

But, I said to myself, my trusty friend and the Today Show says it's not safe. Who to believe?

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Anonymous said...

I know this is against all the rules, but maybe you could put them in a box in your garage in the hopes that when they are proven safe you can pull them out and drink happily again. They must be safer than all of your 7/11 cups anyway. tee hee.

Cara Fox said...

i was just researching this last night for the purposes of baby bottles. do i really have to toss my complete avent feeding system and buy all new bottles for my third (and last) baby? after reading extensive and confusing research arguing both sides, i decided to do nothing. baby's not due until august - there's still time for new research to come out before then. i did decide to keep my own water bottles for myself, figuring that the nutra sweet in my diet cokes will kill me long before the plastic in my bottles, but i just can't justify poisoning an innocent baby....ugh.

Stimey said...

L, why didn't you suggest this before I threw them into my trash can? Right now I'm drinking water out of 7-11 cup. Everything is poison.

Cara, I'm so glad I don't have to make your decision. I was willing to get rid of mine partly because my monetary investment wasn't too great. I don't know what I'd do if I had to decided about the baby bottles. Honestly, he'll probably be okay no matter what you do.

Caroline said...

If you bring the Edie Bauer bottle to the store they'll probably let you return it. The stores would rather please you (if you're nice about it) than argue with you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should look into how BPA is passed to the fetus before deciding to continue using your water bottle while pregnant - and watch the Diet Coke - additives and caffeine can be very harmful to baby, too.

lifepundit said...

I bought three of those Eddie Bauer bottles after the news came out. I figured if they weren't safe they'd be recalled. Guess not.

I'm especially concerned because I drink well water in my bottles and the water is acidic, which I would think would cause faster leaching of the chemicals.

But I like the bottles. I just try not to drink water that's been sitting too long in them.

After a while, you have to relinquish any feelings of control over things like this. Eat right, exercise, do your best to stay healthy. But if you're enjoying drinking out of the bottle, that counts for something.

My father is now 95 and drove around with spilled (and highly fragrant) malathion in his car for years. He breathed it all the time. He sprayed other pesticides in his shoes to keep off the chiggers. Sure, guard your health. But enjoy your life.

Thanks for letting me talk to myself here. I guess that means I'm keeping the bottles.

Anonymous said...

After a year, do you know eddie bauer now sells BPA-free bottles? Haha!