Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Free To Good Home (Now With Update)

It seems like a shame to throw all of this feline Advantage away.

Don't even ask me how I ended up with all of this. I have no earthly idea. I guess I must have kept on buying it way after I stopped using it.

I do have cats, but they are indoor cats and (knock on wood) they don't get fleas. Or, rather, they have not had fleas for the whole five years we've lived here, and I haven't put this on them, so I'm thinking I don't need it.

Which brings up something else: this Advantage is probably really old. I don't know if it expires, but it seems like it would still work, right? Maybe?

Anyway, in what might be the lamest giveaway ever, I am offering free, finely-aged feline Advantage shipped to your home. Act now and you will also get this awesome orange mouse of questionable origin as well.

To enter, just leave me a comment on this post. I'll pick a winner on Sunday, April 13.

* Participants in this giveaway acknowledge that "finely-aged" means "probably expired" and agree not to hold The Junk Pyramid responsible for any fleas or other negative consequences of using the FANTASTIC prize of this giveaway. *

EDITED TO ADD: No one wants my Advantage. Sniff. Don't any of you people have cats?! All right, I guess I forgive you because I wouldn't have wanted it if you had offered.


Lisa said...

Its like fine wine, right? Aged to perfection? heehee.

Am allergic to cats so sadly can not enter - don't have one.

But this idea is just cracking me up. Hope your product finds a good home. :-)

Lisa said...

If you priced it at a quarter and put it on garage sale, my MIL would TOTALLY buy it.

Just saying...

catnip said...

Gee, thanks, but I already have expired Frontline in my closet, oh, and some Heartgard too...wanna add these to the giveaway??!

Mandy said...

I've been doing some of my own organization since you started this blog (you inspired me to live life on the organized and narrow) lol.

Anyway I'm putting a lot of my good condition stuff, on craigs list and massing a small fortune, you should give it a shot for some of the stuff that was kind of expensive.

It's so awesome to get rid of clutter and be able to walk across my living room without tripping on toys everywhere!