Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hidden Junk

Oh, my day. There's a long story behind why we had to drop Alex at the airport very early this morning, only to have him return very late tonight in a U-Haul he picked up in Cleveland around mid-morning and then filled with a dining room table, chairs, and a piano.

There's a long story, but I'm not going to tell it.

Because I'm exhausted. Because I had these three kids all day with no school, no playdates, nothing.

And not only that, but tomorrow is Alex's birthday, so they were all hepped up about, "We have to get ready for Daddy's birthday! We have to get a cake for Daddy's birthday! We have to wrap presents for Daddy's birthday!"

(We have to throw our screaming, freak-out tantrums while Daddy is gone for Daddy's birthday!)

So between going to the park, cleaning the house, cleaning vomit off the book Jack was reading when he got carsick this morning, trying to be a good mom, doing some craft projects, going to the grocery store, trying not to murder my children, and wrapping presents, I decluttered exactly one item.


Not the bird. That's Jerzy, and I love him.

I found this leftover bit of babyhood tucked behind a curtain in my kitchen. As far as I know, it is the last little bit of baby monitor we own.

And a receiver is not much good without a transmitter, so instead of donating it, I'm putting it in the trash.

Total items for today: 1, purely by happenstance

You'll excuse me. I'm going to go throw a frozen pizza into the oven for my kids.