Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How Many Goddamn Books Do I Have?!

I was in the garage getting the bag I'm setting out for the people at Value Village to pick up tomorrow when I decided that if I didn't take this opportunity to get rid of six quick things that I was a total idiot.

I walked over to a random bin and found a bag full of 45 childrens books. If I remember correctly, I had moved these out to the garage months ago because I thought my kids were too old for them, but I wasn't ready to part with them yet.

Obviously things have changed.

I am so ready to part with them now.

There was one book that I knew Quinn would love, so I brought it inside for him. (He was thrilled.)

That means I got rid of 44 books today.

There are certain people out there—you know who you are—who might be interested in some of these books. If you are, email me tonight and I will bring the bag (it's all or nothing in Stimeyland these days) to you tomorrow to do with as you please.

Thrift Store Mama, if you want some of them, they will available any day now at Value Village.


Anonymous said...

Crap! V.V. is coming to my house too! I'm off to declutter.

m said...

This is a perfect example of my theory of why one must continually purge (esp. with kids in the house): Get rid of one layer of crap, and other stuff can sink to become the NEW bottom-dwelling crap that will be purged during the next wave. If you hadn't gotten rid of those garage-books, you probably wouldn't have purged those other books from the kids' rooms recently.

It's all good. Purge on.

Thrift Store Mama said...

Ha ha - you totally busted me. When I read that you were giving them to VV, I squinted at the picture to see if I could read any titles so I could be on the lookout! I swear a couple times I've seen my stuff on the shelves at VV - one time I even had a watermelon pitcher in my cart before I remembered I had given it away (I collect watermelon stuff). Sadly, my husband has put a fatwa on new books coming into the house - our current count is over 200 children's books - and that's only the ones he knows about. We live near an independent, locally owned bookstore that has great kids books for cheap. Shop locally!!!