Sunday, April 6, 2008

If It's Heavy and I Own It, I Moved It Today*

1) Moved my dresser to a new location in my bedroom.

2) Moved my elliptical machine to where my dresser used to be.

3) Moved my treadmill from our TV room to the upstairs room where my elliptical used to be.

4) Moved my TV room chair to where the treadmill used to be and repositioned the rug. First moved all the furniture off the rug and vacuumed all the icky stuff off the floor. Moved all the furniture back.

5) Moved an electric piano into my TV room where my chair used to be.

Shouldn't I be fitter with all this exercise equipment I have? It's ironic to realize how out of shape you are because it is so difficult to move largely ignored workout paraphenalia.

The result of this whole reorganization is that we have us a new-to-us piano to delight the children and drive us completely bonkers. It also means that our TV room looks a lot more like a den and a lot less like the only place in the house where there was room to put the treadmill so we put it there.

So, not 6 items, but a productive day nonetheless


* Alex helped.


tulipmom said...

The kids must be loving that piano!

I thought of you today as I was cleaning out my fridge and tossing condiments that expired in 2007 (or 2006 .... oops).

Kelly said...

I would LOVE to have a piano. I still would love to learn someday and would love for at least one of my boys to do it. How awesome for you guys!!