Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Kids Are Lucky I Didn't Have a Record-Setting Day

Seriously, if you want to get me all in a tizzy and angry, have me do a thorough cleaning of Sam and Jack's room. 'Cause after I find my sixth grape and a completely dehydrated banana peel mixed into piles of unsorted toys, I'm ready to murder me a little boy.

Fortunately, cooler heads usually prevail and I take my anger out on their toys by getting rid of them.

Today I was tempted to take everything off the floor of their room and put it directly into a garbage bag.

Instead, I just got rid of the following:

The books, puzzle, and the broom were legitimate "the little dudes don't play with them anymore and/or they're too broken to enjoy."

The over-sized playing cards were vengeance. After I picked them up from all over the room, I recycled the hell out of them.

There are four McDonald's toys there. I think that in honor of Earth Day, McDonald's should pledge to stop making a whole bunch of plastic crap and throwing it in our kids' food bags. Except for when they give away really cool things, like Bionicles.

A friend of mine gave me that yellow shirt as a hand-me-down for Quinn. But he refused to wear it. Maybe because it has a stripe, perhaps because it has a zipper, possibly it was because it had long sleeves. Regardless, he won't wear it and it won't fit next fall, so off to the donation box with it.

There is a tube of flesh-colored oil paint in that photo. I was completely chagrined to find that in my Michael's bag after a trip to the craft store one day. Obviously someone had bought it and the clerk didn't give them their bag. I hope they noticed, went back, and demanded themselves some flesh-colored paint. (And who knew they were still calling it "flesh" anyway?)

See the horrible mailbox that looks like it would be hard to stuff a stack of Entertainment Weekly's and Time magazines in there? That used to be our mailbox until I realized that the hardware stores sell mailboxes and I'm allowed to switch mine out. The much-hated mailbox enjoyed a brief renaissance as a toy mailbox in Sam and Jack's room. But now I hate it again because they throw it on the ground and it gets in the way. Trash!

Total items for today: 12

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Sue said...

Whoa - what is up with that tiny mailbox!? I find a good rule of thumb is to throw away any toys that I spend more time picking up than they spend playing with! (Okay, if I really lived by that rule, we'd have very few toys, but there are some that they only throw around and never seem to play with.

You continue to inspire me! I wish I had your dedication!