Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's Call it Even

Who would get rid of this awesome stuff, you may ask yourself.

Well, certainly not me.

My friend L is doing some decluttering of her own and was getting rid of these items. Crazy lady.

My family is planning on switching from paper napkins to cloth napkins in the near future [By the way, Alex, we're switching to cloth napkins in the near future.] and L gave me these awesome napkins to get me started. And then I walked past her "get rid of" box and couldn't just leave those three beautiful bowls in there.

Now I know how my friend H, to whom I give much of my detritus, feels when she sees my "get rid of" box.

But then I felt bad that I'd actually added stuff to my house today and had not done a stitch of decluttering. So I grabbed some easy stuff out of my silverware drawer.

I'm going to call it a draw. I added some stuff, but I took some stuff away too.


Friend H said...

You are saving that toddler silverware for me, right???

Friend L said...


I have a box of stuff if you need anything. Plus I'm having a yard sale on Sunday....

Stimey said...

You guys crack me up!