Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've been avoiding a certain area of my basement not just because there's a lot of crap there, but because I'm afraid to find spiders and crickets there.

I'm more afraid of the spiders (Seriously, I shivered just writing that. It's a problem.) but the crickets jump. And for some reason they always seem to jump STRAIGHT. AT. ME. (And then I scream and do a prissy girl freak out because everyone knows that crickets can't latch onto you with their horrible jaws and spiked talons if you're jumping up and down on your tippy toes.)

I didn't get rid of a lot of stuff today, but I did rearrange some stuff and move some other stuff to a better location.

I went from this:

to this:

The stuff on that table in the foreground is what I'm getting rid of: a scarf, an old photo mat, another toxic water bottle, an extraneous cable and a little bag. And that stick that Quinn is playing with belongs to your tent, WhyMommy. We'll have to get together so I can get it the hell out of my house where it's been a sword, a gun, and a general poker give it to you.

Total items for today: 6

Oh, and FYI, I did find crickets. There was one that I thought was a spider at first, which was disquieting because while crickets are scary, cricket-sized spiders are a total deal breaker. I was composing in my head my speech about how to break it to Alex that we were moving while I inched close(r) to the cricket/spider to determine its species. Fortunately he was a cricket.

The crickets were holding a convention in a bucket. (I dare you to click on this image to enlarge it. Dare. You.)

I left them there in the bucket in hopes that they would pack their suitcases and leave now that they've been exposed to the light. Or at least that they would go to a more covered spot so I can pretend they're not in my basement anymore.

Not a single one of them attacked me although one did make a sudden move causing me to freak the fuck out. And I smashed my ear on my furnace moving some bins into their new home.

Do I sound completely crazy?


Whirlwind said...

rry, but I totally have to laugh. I buy two dozen of those suckers every other day or so.

I had a friend once who would find bugs in the house and always release them outside. It was always fun to watch her chase a bug around to catch and release (even more funny by her telling you how crazy she was).

Stimey said...

Whirlwind, I gather you have some sort of reptile? I used to work in a pet store that sold crickets. I just about jumped out of my skin everytime I had to catch some to sell to someone. shiver...shudder...shiver

Thrift Store Mama said...

I couldn't resist and clicked on the bucket picture. I'm the designated bug killer in this house, so while they don't scare me, I still wish I hadn't clicked. I feel a little creepy and I can still see those antenna things in my mind!

Anonymous said...

At our house, those are called jumpies. If you kill one and leave it on the floor, the other members of it's family will happily gobble up thier relative for you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, L, I'm impressed. Here I was, all ready to volunteer for smashing cricket duty (insects do NOT belong in the house!) and you totally one-upped me. I don't think I could sleep with a cricket on the floor. Wah. Now I'm the baby!

And Stimey? I haven't the foggiest idea where that pole would go. All I know is that we play with that dang post office every. single. day. It's fabulous -- if huge.

(P.S. I never even knew that cache was there, so you hid it well.)

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

I am pretty sure crickets are the spawn of the devil. I haven't even been IN my basement in 3 weeks because last time I went down there to do laundry, one of those bastards jumped at me and I almost went into labor right then and there. So my husband has been on laundry duty since then until he buys some of those electro-magnetic forcefield thingies that supposedly keep the bugs away.

ElaineMc said...

We have crickets just like those-- cave, or camelback crickets, are what they're called.

Well, by some people.

I call them Oh god oh jesus please don't hurt me take my wallet.

And then I pretend it didn't happen.

Sue said...

Two words... glue traps!