Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Syringe Hoarding

After reading the comments from my Secondary Utensil Drawer post, I realized that I am not the only one with a syringe hoarding problem.

So in light of the fact that I am really tired tonight (sense a theme here?) and don't want to get going on that videography equipment closet (it'll happen some day), I decided to lead by example and get rid of the rest of my syringes and medicine cups.

It makes me very nervous.

In fact, as I type, I am remembering perfectly good uses for old syringes: forcing water into a dehydrated child's unwilling mouth, forcing medicine into the unwilling mouth of a child who refuses to drink it from a cup, and for whatever other liquids need to be forced into unwilling mouths.

I'm starting to sweat. But I already threw them in the trash and if I went and dug one out, it would not only be embarrassing and against everything we at The Junk Pyramid stand for, but it would also put me at only five items for the day.

So, thus begins my syringe-less life. Wish me luck. And compliant children.


Thrift Store Mama said...

You are hysterical - and so inspiring. You actually make me want to clean and declutter. But I'm too tired!

Sue said...

I am speechless. I couldn't go where you have gone. :-)

m said...

If you waver, just remember what a pain those damn syringes are to clean. Then take out the trash!

Manic Mommy said...

I only get rid of them when the dishwasher has removed the volume markings from the outside.

Yes, I have hoarding issues.