Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Videography Equipment Closet


Are you as tired of hearing about the goddamn videography equipment closet as I am of thinking about it?

If so, you'll be pleased to hear that I finally cleaned it out today. And did I hit the mother lode!

The picture to the left is not very good. There's a sweater hanging on the door and a dog lollygagging in the front of the photo, so it's hard to see exactly how much of a nightmare this closet really is.

But it was terrible. I couldn't get to the things on the bottom without lifting heavy boxes full of the things on the top. So I never bothered to get to the things on the bottom.

The first thing I did was pull everything out of this closet. It would have been impossible to work on it without clearing it out first.

I wanted to put the file cabinet on the side of the closet, but if I did that, I wouldn't be able to open the drawers, so I had to leave it sort of in the middle. But fortunately the space left on the side of the file cabinet is exactly guitar sized. With a little room left over for a yoga mat.

I ended up consolidating all of my videography equipment and putting it on the shelf above the bar. I have some lighting stuff in the garage, but the garage is a whole other thing. I can't even think about that yet.

I did still have to stack three boxes there in the right side of the photo, but the one on the bottom has music books for the guitar, and since I don't actually play the guitar, I don't need them very often. Someday I'll learn. Someday.

The middle box has some occasionally used desk things and software CDs and manuals.

The box on the top is full of stuff I'm keeping for my board position at my kids' preschool. It's not actually stuff I use, but it's stuff I have to keep around. My board position expires in June. And then I will be passing that box onto the next sucker who takes my job.

I know the two photos above don't look dramatically different, but do you want to see what I got rid of?

And the printer I'm donating didn't even make the photo.

That there is 24 items, my friends.

Included in that count are three boxes and one stack of computer discs. I wanted to count them as 51 items, but the friend I was on the phone with at the time wouldn't let me. So I counted them as four. Some of these discs are so old that they are for a word processor I had way back in college.

Hopefully you will never hear the words "videography equipment closet" again. At least not from me.