Monday, April 21, 2008

Videography Supplies Closet

This is the top half of our Cat Closet/Videography Equipment Closet:

The bottom half has dog and cat food bins, a litter box, and a shelf for our cats to sit on and eat in peace. Well, mostly.

There was a lot in this closet that doesn't need to be there. We don't have any bookshelves on the main level of our house, so I put the books that are next on my list in there. In lieu of making Quinn move into Sam and Jack's room and making his room a library, I decided to just go ahead and move these books to the shelves in the basement. I guess I can muster the strength to walk down the steps whenever I need a new book.

Except for our dictionary and our bird book. Those have to stay near my desk and the back-door-bird-viewing space respectively.

We keep a few oft-used tools in a plastic box up here so we don't have to walk downstairs to our tool cabinet everytime we need to hammer something. Yes, we are the laziest people on earth. Alex, in several fits of laziness (he may dispute this), overloaded this box and started dumping tools everywhere. I moved them downstairs.

I found some stuff for positions I hold in two organizations. Both of these positions will end in June. So I will put these items in the Videography Equipment Closet where they will be given a short-term lease.

My box of photo negatives from a time before digital cameras? If my photo albums can live in a cupboard in my bedroom, so can these.

My biggest dilemma was what to do with all my old greeting cards. What do you do with yours? I feel bad recycling them because they each cost $4 and I feel bad throwing them away. But that's ridiculous. So I propose a pact. We will only give each other homemade cards from now on. No more store-bought greeting cards.

If you need artwork for your homemade cards, let me know, because I happen to have a little three-man factory outputting dozens of pictures a day.

Counting my stack of cards as 1 item, I got rid of 4 groups of things from this closet.

But I made a big difference. See?

I made that bottom shelf all for my videography supplies (and Sam's karate bag over on the right).

The top shelf holds the swim class bag and my important memorabilia. All of this is easier to access now. This includes my kids' baby books and the scrapbooks I make of their school paraphenalia.

Don't get any ideas about me being a fancy scrapbooker. Really what I do is paste certificates and pictures on a page and then scrawl what year it happened. There are no stickers or fancy scissors involved.

You'll also see my 2007 edition of Stimeyland on paper. That's going to be gold someday when I need to embarrass my kids. The Junk Pyramid is purely to embarrass myself.