Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are You on the Edge of Your Chair?

Are you dying to know the fate of the wedding dress?

Well the poll results were pretty decisive:

* Thirteen percent said to keep it. (That sounds more impressive than "Five people said to keep it.")
* Thirteen percent said they are just as wishy washy as me.
* A whopping 73 percent said I should donate the hell out of it.

Thank you to all who voted and commented. I had fun with the poll. I think we may see more of them here soon. I have this analog camcorder I can't decide if I should hang onto or trash...

Head over to DC Metro Moms to see what's going to happen to the dress.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Stimey, you're getting awfully close to 1000 donated items! What will you do to celebrate?

Qutecowgirl said...

Very nice.

Almost 1000!!! Maybe I should jump on board too. I know there is way too much crap here. = )

Stimey said...

Clearly when I hit 1000 items, I'll have to go shopping.

Oh, I kid.