Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brief Hiatus

The Junk Pyramid is going on hiatus until at least Wednesday. And because I won't be near my stuff, I'm not going to increase any of the numbers in "The Count" over there to the right.

I guess 1000 items will have to wait even longer. Because, for some reason, I don't think my house-sitters will be decluttering for me. Unless they steal my TV.

If I'm lucky, they won't bring more stuff into my house. Which I would totally do if it was me doing the house-sitting. They'd come back from vacation, and I'd be all, "I don't have any idea how that box of clothes and old toys got here. Weird."


But I did do a teensy bit of decluttering I haven't given myself full blogging credit for.

I babysat two brothers for a few hours on Thursday, which gave me the perfect opportunity to give my crap directly to a child without having to ask the parent for permission first. I gave them each a ball, one featuring Scooby Doo's likeness, and one with Clifford.

I didn't post about this then because it seemed ridiculous to publish only that paragraph you just read. But I did add those balls to the count. You're just lucky I didn't count the Backyardigans tattoo I put on one of the kids too.


Ann said...

Stymie, you get total credit for the balls AND for the tattoo - it's that little piddly, birthday party goodie bag stuff that drives me the most crazy.

Check out for inspiration to give daily (when you're back)


Manic Mommy said...

Channelling you again as I consider what to do with my 8 year old wedding dress that I just removed from my brother's attic this weekend.