Thursday, May 1, 2008

Decluttering is Becoming the Norm

My decluttering was such a non-event today that I almost forgot to blog it.

Basically I just found a lot of random crap to throw away while doing my everyday cleaning. See?

Is it just me, or does it look like Captain Feathersword is wearing braces?

I count this batch as 12 items.

Unfortunately I can only add 11 items to my count because De in D.C. convinced me to take back the cone. Her suggestion: a goal for backyard soccer. Of course!

So I threw it back in the garage and will bring it back out when I try to tire my kids out by running drills in the backyard.


De in D.C. said...

Sorry to be the evil influence on your decluttering this week, but cones? So. Useful.

I'll try and keep my mouth shut next time. I am the queen at coming up with useful uses for junk. I've spent the last 3 nights cleaning the office, and can't talk myself into tossing my old college notes (and exams, and handouts). I come by it genetically though. When my mom moved a couple years ago after being in a house for 20yrs, we moved boxes from her attic that had never been unpacked! They came down, went in the truck, and then went right back up into her new attic!

Ann said...

Have you heard of the 27-fling boogie? I'ts a flylady technique: you just go around the house and collect 27 things to fling - trash, recycle, donate whatever.

And you can read about what people find when digging out - it's very funny.

Stimey said...

De, you're forgiven. And I love your story about your mom's boxes.

Ann, I have heard of flylady, and even went so far as to try to do it a few years ago, but I lacked the sticktoitiveness. I'll have to check it out.