Monday, May 5, 2008

An Ecclectic Group of Six

I'm back! Didya miss me? And my junk? Here are 5 of today's 6 items (And Sam. I'm keeping him.):

1. Sam wanted to be in this photo because one of the items is his. My mother's helper came over today and just before she got here, Sam brought out this little photo album and said he wanted to give it to her. We used to keep photos of all his friends in this book (his "friendship book"), but he's outgrown it and has a new album/friendship book.

By the way, I love that Sam didn't question my reasoning for taking a photo of a bunch of junk. He just requested a copy.

2. I have a pair of pants that I love. My dog used to be attached to a zip line in my backyard because she could jump fences. (Don't worry, I'm going somewhere.) One day a couple summers ago, she somehow made it over the four-foot or so back fence, while attached to her tether, so I had to climb over the fence and heave her back over. (She's a 50-something pound shepherd mix, by the way.) I don't remember if I ripped my pants going over or coming back, but I did. The rip was small enough and on the side, so that I was still able to wear the pants if I wasn't going to visit the president or anything. Today while putting on Quinn's shoes, I heard something rip and felt a breeze on my thigh.

Goodbye, pants. You've served me well.

3-5. Three shirts. Quinn's not going to wear them. And I needed three more items.

6. If I don't really cook from cookbooks, then I don't need this cookbook holder. It's like today, when I was talking about my cookbook cabinet to a friend and how I really need to clean it out. This project has been weighing on my mind for a while now so I said, "My cookbooks are making me sad." But she heard me say, "My cookbooks are making me fat." Which is funny, because in order for my cookbooks to make me fat, I would have to prepare food out of them.

All of which is to say, if I need to get rid of 80% of my cookbooks because I don't use them, this cookbook holder is really just going to waste. It's kind of gross too. I obviously used it at some point because the sides are singed and it's kind of greasy.

Another funny thing about this cookbook stand: I used it for months before I realized that it was so hard to see through because it had a clear, protective, REMOVABLE film on the front of it. (Honestly though, this was to be expected. We had a microwave for years before we realized that the keypad had that kind of film over it. We were really mad that the numbers were wearing off. But in fact, it was just the disposable film.)

And that's further proof that I can write a long, rambling post about six of anything.


tulipmom said...

LOL at the clear protective film. I wore a watch with that film on it for months before realizing I needed to take it off.

I've done it with other things too. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Kelly said...

Your post made me laugh today. Who would have thought junk could be so funny?? :)

Ann said...

Hahaha! We had an experience like that recently with the plastic film but I'm so far gone I can't remember what the item was!

Thanks for making me laugh tonight - I really needed it!