Friday, May 23, 2008

Peer Pressure, Anyone?

Today at Quinn's 3-year-old well child visit, the doctor asked how he was doing with potty training.

"We're working on it," I said. "It's mostly just a matter of us taking a few days and really going at it."

"I'll talk to him about it," the doctor said.

The appointment continued and when the doctor had Quinn take off his pants, he said, "Oh, Quinn, I see you're wearing diapers. All the three-year-olds I know wear underpants and go pee and poop in the potty." Then he went on to tell Quinn how he had to send the doctor all of his diapers so the doctor could give them to the babies because Quinn didn't need them anymore because Quinn isn't a baby.



So my hand has been forced. My laziness has been upset. My half-assed/drawn-out potty training days are over.

Total items for today: 12 diapers

I told Quinn that Dr. Datch would be coming by to pick them up off the porch. When did all the rampant lying begin?

Also, while the doctor was examining Jack, Quinn pooped the biggest, smelliest poop possible. (In his diaper, of course.) This may not go well.

Anyone use size 6 Huggies?


m said...

I kinda want to smack that doctor. I know plenty of little boys (including both of mine) who were not fully toilet trained at three. Who he is to force your hand -- and on a holiday weekend? A pox on him. I say send him those diapers AFTER they're used. (Dirty dozen, so to speak?)

Ange said...

hey from a mom whose 4.5 year old just recently trained himself, I'd smack the doctor too. We let Moosie do the hard work, didn't have the energy for the battle, nor was it a battle I really cared about...

but if Quinn runs with it, then I guess you should too...

Stimey said...

I kind of agree, but on the other hand, it is totally my laziness that is keeping Quinn from being potty trained. My middle guy wasn't ready at three. He was three and 3/4 before he was trained. They're ready when they're ready, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, I think Quinn might be ready. I think it's me that's not.

Manic Mommy said...

Slackers Unite! RC was three on April 25th. He's peed on the potty exactly two times - a week or so ago. I just haven't had the energy.

HRH was closer to 3 1/2 but we were undergoing major renovations and had moved in with my MIL for a month so I was granted a continuance.

catnip said...

When my boy was 3 1/2 I let my husband do the potty training on a long weekend. (I actually went to the mall all day that Saturday cause I couldn't just stand by and watch.) By the time he went back to work on a Tuesday, it was pretty much all done. :) Now that's a slacker mommy.

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

Yikes, I am surprised the Dr was that insistent. Although, I could use those size 6 son is almost grown out of the size 5s already at 20-months old. He'll have to potty train early or else we'll be getting him adult-sized diapers soon!

BetteJo said...

I think that's horrible! You should be able to decide when to potty train your child! It is always easier of you wait until they are ready - or you for that matter. Sheesh! I hate it when people try to decide things for you.

Sue said...

Heh! I have the same potty training style as you. Basic lazy! Although, I vow not to buy swimming diapers this year. (But, oh crap, the pool opened today... guess I better get going.) We go to your same drs. office! And I have had that same talk from him. (Now I see Dr. W) I have 2 months before the 3 year check Good luck!

(And WTG, Quinn on the timely poop!)

Niksmom said...

Wow, ballsy doctor! I'd send him a detailed photo of that mess in the yellow bathroom tucked inside a thank you card!

Oh, and catnip? Not lazy...BRILLIANT!! LOL

Jen said...

I'm a lazy mom too. However, it backfired with kid #1, because he sorta almost trained at about 2.5. But I never really wholeheartedly did it and within a couple of weeks we just sort of forgot about it. You know, waiting for him to beg to be trained.

He did train at 3 and a month or two, but it did involve taking away the diapers.

With kid #2 I learned the secret. At about 2.5 he seemed vaguely interested in the potty. We bought exciting underwear. We made sure there was plenty of clean laundry. We put on our happiest most chipper faces and voices. And then we switched then and there to undies. When he peed or pooped in his pants (and boy you notice it when you aren't in diapers), we cheerfully and happily helped him sit on the potty for a minute (oh, I bet next time you'll make it to the potty in time!) and change into new clothes.

Day one -- I think there was one successful peeing in the potty. Many wet clothes were thrown in the washer.

Day two -- there was about one and a half accidents. He demanded no diaper at night (uhhh, that was hard to be chipper cheerful about!). He went dry overnight for the first time.

Day three -- we were done.

Kid #3 (all boys) trained at same age, same technique, same results. Friend's kid (also boy, I have no idea if this works on girls!) also trained in under a week.

I really think that there is some mental development that occurs in that half year between 2.5 and 3+ that makes training *harder.* They get how much you want them to do it and are suspicious! They also get that it's really not that exciting. 2.5 is still excited about being big. You can still sell it with your best happy happy joy joy parent skills and nifty undies.