Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Slacker Stimey No More

I don't know if you get periodic phone calls from different organizations saying, "We're going to have a truck in your neighborhood on May 22, do you have any stuff you can donate?"

[Note: The date is not always May 22. Although sometimes it is.]

Ever since I started The Junk Pyramid I've made an effort to say yes whenever one of these organizations calls. Thus far, I've gotten four calls. I've said yes to three of them. I had to turn one down because it was for the day before someone else was coming.

When the National Children's Center called a couple weeks ago and asked if they could take some stuff on May 22, I agreed. I assumed I would have accumulated a lot of stuff by then.

Unfortunately, the two weeks between then and now coincided with a heretofore unheard of era of slackerdom here at The Pyramid. This afternoon when I was putting my measly little bag of items together, I decided to do a little digging to flesh out my donation. So I visited my garage.

And hoo boy, did I flesh it out:

A few of those things I have to throw away. I don't think anyone wants a slightly dirty duvet or dog bed. Or a used litter box. But the baby gates and the toys? Score.

See Sam standing inside the house wistfully looking at me as I got rid of his toys?

I'm pretty sure my neighbors were wondering what exactly the hell I was doing too.

Also in my garage I found a garbage bag full of outgrown clothes that I had separated out at some point in the past and then forgotten about.

Lots of outgrown clothes. These clothes:

My sad little donation looks a lot more awesome now.

Total items for today...(wait for it)...: 115


catnip said...

115! Woohoo! Way to jump your count in a single day :)

Kelly said...

Yeeeha! Keep up the good work.

Amy said...

Usually when Purple Heart comes, I put my stuff in a bag for them. Just floating the idea . . . xoxo SG

Stimey said...

But it's so much more impressive if it's all laid out like that.