Sunday, May 25, 2008

Teak Schmeak

You know how when you're trying to shave your legs in the shower, but there's nothing to put your foot on, you end up slicing your shins and ankles open and then bleeding all over your bath mat?

You know how you shell out a gazillion dollars to buy a teak stool to put in your shower to prevent such an instance, because teak is supposed to last forever?

Exhibit A:

Apparently the lesson here is that you shouldn't buy the cheapest teak you can find at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Stupid rotted teak.

Also in that photo are several full bottles of tar shampoo. Yes, my psoriasis would be better if I used it. No, I can't bring myself to.

Oh, and also one of those things that you use to grate your feet.

It's amazing how much clutter can be in one small space. (7)


Stay tuned for an upcoming post celebrating my crossing the 1000 item mark!