Monday, May 26, 2008

Total Items Thus Far: 1000

WhyMommy asked me: "Hey, Stimey, you're getting awfully close to 1000 donated items! What will you do to celebrate?" I joked that I was going to go shopping, but I thought instead I would talk a little about why I categorize my posts as I do.

You'll notice that I categorize my posts by how I disposed of the items described within. I thought a lot about what to use for categories: types of clutter, room in which clutter came from, a mix of the above. I settled on the way I got rid of things because it's important to me that I'm not just moving my stuff from the landfill of my house to the landfill of Maryland.

I'm pleased to see that donations are ahead of trash, but just barely. I guess that's the nature of junk—much of it is just not good enough to pass on. Although if you add the donations category to the force on give to friend category, my donations are waaaay ahead.

I've mailed things away, driven things away, and had people come pick things up. I even mailed some CDs and hand towels to readers. Thus far, I haven't sold anything, but eventually I might.

I'm always interested in creative ways to get rid of my stuff and great places that can use donations. Always let me know if you hear of a place.

And even though I started this blog as a motivational tool to keep me on task with uncluttering, it's been wonderful to find all of you who are actually interested in what I'm doing. My own husband only skims this blog, and it's his stuff I'm getting rid of.

I've loved hearing your own stories and reading your blog posts about your own decluttering efforts. I am amazed every time I get a comment and learn that I've inspired someone to get rid of something or to donate their wedding dress. You all rock. I can't believe you read here.

My life is getting incrementally better every day with the removal of all these things. Thank you for your moral support! And here's to the next 1000!


m said...

Yay Stimey! As you know, we find you both entertaining and inspirational at our house. Thanks on both counts, and keep up the good work.

As for recycling vs. dumping, I'm with you. I love love love to give stuff away to willing victims. Have you tried Freecycle? I have a couple of friends who use and love it but I'm squeamish about strangers coming to my house.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Stimey! This is an awesome and inspiring accomplishment!

I've had a few moments in my decluttering that I've thought "what would Stimey do?" :)

Sue said...

Congratulations on the first 1000! You are inspiring me. WWSD - definitely! Do you feel like there is a big difference in your house yet? I wonder what the magic number is before it feels better. (I guess it depends on how much junk there was to begin with.)

Anonymous said...

In my area, the local dog shelters love used stuffed animals (without talking parts inside, etc.) as they keep the dogs company in the cages and give them something to play with. Little do my kids know, but many of their discarded friends have found new homes in the local dog shelter.

Qutecowgirl said...

Go You!!

I just want to let you know that well you have inspired me. Today we went to the basement and filled the back of a pick up truck with crap (crap crap - no way to donate) and I have 7 garbage bags worth of clothes to donate. Total time about 1 and a half hours. I was personally dreading it thinking it would be the whole day. We are not done but we made a huge dent. Thank you.

I love the "What would Stimey Do?" WWSD!

whymommy said...

Whoo-hoo! As you know, we've got a Moms Club "Take My Toys" party coming up in June ... wanna organize a DC mom bloggers party? We all bring outgrown/ignored/annoying toys and let our kids pick out something new from each other's stash? Could be a fun afternoon ....

Anonymous said...

Just want to second the Freecycle recommendation. It's my favorite way to "recycle" things. Before I even think of throwing things into the garbage, I list them on Freecycle to see if anyone's interested. You just never know. Someone might have wanted your old mailbox!

BTW, I found your blog via the link on Zwaggle.