Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gaining Space AND Time

Today I am handing all of this stuff over to a friend of mine:

Make that ex-friend of mine.

She may not like me very much when she sees me unloading all of this from my car.

Up until today I was the membership vice president of my children's preschool. It's a very prestigious position that pays the enormous wages of $25 a month. In the form of a preschool tuition discount. Yeah, prestigious in that they'll give the job to whatever sucker agrees to do it.

The goal of the VP position is to ensure a full school each year, something that is not hard to do in the DC area. Yet it is still a time consuming job.

It's also kind of fun, because I knew everyone in the school and I got to tell a lot of people about the wonderful school my children attend. And I was able to hang with a very cool group of women that make up the board of the preschool. In fact, I'm really glad I had this job.

But I did the job for three years and I'm ready to pass it on. Good luck to you, Friend H. Enjoy your 45 new items.


Nancy said...

Delurking to say AMEN, sister -- I also handled Membership for our co-op (in NoVA). It's a job I look back upon with a lot of fondness and immense pride ... but one I was happy to pass along to my successor last month.

Oh, and my living room has never been tidier.

Jen said...

Ahh, memories. Treasurer (which included running the fall fundraiser for some reason) and Carnival chair for a couple of years. Handing off the box(es) of accumulated info, stuff, and junk was a very happy day!

m said...

Wow...I'm thinking this also declutters your calendar. Nice.