Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Haven't Been Completely Neglecting the Pyramid

There hasn't been much action on The Junk Pyramid lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been getting rid of some stuff. Just not stuff that's interesting enough for a whole post.

(Not interesting enough for a Junk Pyramid post, a.k.a. The Blog of Complete Minutiae? How can that be? Oh, it can be.)

There have been a few toy casualties where a toy broke. In a prior life I would have kept them, claiming that I would either (a) fix it later or (b) use the parts for an art project later. (The operative word here being "later," i.e. "never.")

Over the past few days I've just been throwing them away.

I also had another experience just yesterday when I set aside the four tunnel starters for our new ant farm. "These will totally be useful someday," I told myself.


Today I threw them away. Victory over my compulsions! (I'm putting these in my item count.)

One of my recent decluttering/reorganization projects has had an unintended, but amazingly wonderful consequence. Remember when I moved all three of my kids' beds into one room and turned Quinn's room into a playroom?

Well, that playroom is a mere 10 or so feet away from my desk. So my kids will happily play in the playroom and I can work during the day when they are home.

If you are familiar with my schedule at all, you know that this is a huge deal. Why didn't this occur to me years ago?


I also wasted Day 100 of my project with a less than six day. BUT! I did get to discover that my addition in The Count was correct. I was delighted to find that Day 100 corresponded with Goal 600. Math not being my strong point, I assumed that I would have made an addition mistake somewhere along the road. Apparently I'm getting good at counting in increments of six.

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Sue said...

I have been missing your junky self! (And I mean that in the best way.) I need some motivation. Things have gotten out of control here!