Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It Doesn't Take a Village

Total items for today: 1

I know. It's beautiful. Sam worked really hard to make this "village." But I just cannot keep it. Do you see how big it is? Maybe you can't tell from the picture, but it's pretty big. And I know I just said it's beautiful, but it's kinda not. And it's fragile, so I can't put anything near it, and God forbid anyone tap it or a little brother tries to pick up a piece of greenery because OH MY GOD, HE'S GOING TO BREAK IT IT'S MINE IT'S MINE IT'S MINE!!!!!!!

The Junking of Sam's Village has been a two-step process. A few days ago I put it in a high cabinet to see if he would miss it. If he had asked me about it or requested it or, hell, even noticed that it was gone, I would have given it back to him.

But he didn't, so I threw it away.

(Aside: I plan to do this to some of Alex's stuff too.)

I even wasted a paper towel to cover it in the trash. Because if Sam discovers what I did, I'm in big trouble. 'Cause even if he'll never remember the Village, he would be outraged if he were to find out that I threw it away.

Hi, Future Sam. If you ever read this. I'm sorry. But we had no room for such a sculpture. And it may not have been beautiful, but it was really neat.


Anonymous said...

I always feel pretty guilty when I'm throwing something (usually art work) away and then go back and cover it with junk mail or a paper towel so the kids don't know. We moms have to be pretty sneaky...


m said...

Oh man, I do the EXACT same thing. My younger guy is incapable of throwing out anything. And naturally, he's my artist. You know, the type who crafts dust-sucking masterpieces out of toothpicks and scotch tape.

Elaine said...

I support your junk pyramid, but this one feels like it might have gone too far. But then, I just told my 2 year old that all his paper artwork was being converted into wrapping paper, so maybe I'm just as bad.

Ann - One Bag Nation said...

My house is full of stuff like that! My daughter regularly "rescues" stuff from the trash and the recycling . . . we have to take it out in the dead of night!

Check out her (former) desk
. It was in the kitchen and I couldn't stand looking at it anymore!

That structure on the right is a space station - but you probably knew that!

Stimey said...

Elaine, that's fair. But there's no way (or real reason) to keep it. He's clearly forgotten it, and I have a photo of it. And if I kept everything he and his two brothers made, I would completely drown in art! :)

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

This is just the begining! I could fill an entire room (ok, maybe a couple rooms) of "diorama"-type projects my kids have done for school. There's no WAY to keep them all. I take really good pictures, keep them around until they drive me crazy, and then, to the circular file they go.

Elaine said...

I suppose I'm just looking forward to the 3-D artwork days. Nice idea to capture it with a photo.