Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Whole Point of the Pyramid

One of the main reasons that I started my decluttering project and The Junk Pyramid is because of the mess in my house. No matter how much I clean, I turn around and someone has thrown all their crap on the floor again.

The way to combat this, I think, is to get rid of the crap.

This is why I write a decluttering blog instead of a housekeeping blog.

I need to make my clean house Alex- and kid-proof.

One of my biggest areas of frustration is Sam and Jack’s room. I can clean it at bedtime and when I wake up in the morning, somehow the children have managed to scatter their belongings all over.

I’ve tried lots of things to reverse this trend. I’ve removed most of the toys in favor of art supplies. Then I realized that art supplies are really messy, and removed some of those and brought back some toys. Then I categorized all the toys and labeled the shelves.

None of this worked.

My new theory is that if there aren’t toys in the room, they can’t throw them on the floor right? So I moved all the toys out. I left books and I left some coloring books.

I moved Quinn’s bed in there because he never wants to sleep by himself.

All of the toys went either downstairs in the basement or to the room previously known as Quinn's room. I moved a bookcase to the basement and brought the train table upstairs to what used to be Quinn’s room and is now our playroom/train mecca.

Stay tuned for next week when I decide that this didn’t work either and so make the decision to rearrange all the furniture again. I can’t wait to see what I come up with next.

Even though I did a lot of work today, I didn’t declutter a damn thing. So I decided to take action and purge some of our coloring books.

I got rid of 37. 14 of them had never been colored in and were thus suitable for donation. The rest got recycled.

NOTE: I wrote this yesterday on my laptop before I realized that my wi-fi didn't work, due to a major power outage. Therefore, any part of this post that says "today" really means "yesterday."


Ann - One Bag Nation said...

Hey Stimey,
I am so with you! My daughter's room is truly a disaster, and now she's taken over what used to be my office. She's a horrible packrat and terribly messy; I'm beginning to feel like a failure as a parent! How will she ever learn to be more tidy??

I hope your new arrangement works out; I'll stay tuned!

m said...

As the mom of two mess-makers and the wife of another, I am sadly coming to terms with the fact that the elimination of stuff is only half of the problem. The other half: getting these guys to put the remaining stuff away, rather than constantly leaving trails of detritus in their wakes.

I will continue to work on the first problem, as I firmly believe that less is more. But I am not feeling optimistic about the second half of the equation.

Don't you think it may be tied to some defect on the Y chromosome?

Lindsay said...

Ooh Ooh ooh are the coloing books taken? Do your coloring books reproduce or what? All we have are your old ones and we have almost finished them.

Thrift Store Mama said...

Even though my kids are much smaller than yours, I've employed a similar method. We've got a 3 bedroom house and all of the girls clothes, books, and beds are in one room and the other bedroom is a multipurpose room: mom's "office", futon, computer, toys. Those rooms are the only 2 in the house that are regularly picked up, so it seems to work.

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

I think having the boys all sleep in one room, and using the other room as their playspace could work! At the very least, all the mess is contained in one room, right?