Thursday, July 31, 2008

Closet Clutter, Miscellaneous Crap

I have found through this whole decluttering project that miscellaneous crap represents maybe 25 or 30 percent of clutter. That's a lot. Today I'll catch you up on the miscellaneous crap I found loitering in my Secret Closet.

I found some clothes, mostly mine.

There's a white shirt I have to get rid of because I spilled chocolate on it. I can't even blame it on my kids. There is the top to some pajamas I had that were covered in polar bears and reindeer. I loved them, but I think the bottoms went...somewhere? So I'm donating the top.

I also found some cheap, tarnished earrings. I remember taking them out and tossing them away seconds after Alex gave me these far more beautiful earrings:

Last year for Christmas, I thought I Santa thought he was being very clever by buying ridiculously cheap stocking stuffers from Oriental Trading. But the dumb thing is that those ridiculously cheap stocking stuffers come in sets of 12, and last I checked, I don't have 12 children. I have three. And two nephews, who I sent some of this stuff to.

So now I have at least seven of each of these holiday things. (Do any local Santas need some early stocking stuffers?) I also found a stash of little cars.

Miscellaneous crap items for today: 44


Coming soon: This half of the closet:


The Lowe said...

Er, hello there. Well if you're giving stuff away... Me & my pal Thrift Store Mama are organizing a party and I think some of those little cars and balls would be ideal for one activity.

You can email me at ourmadillo at gmail dot com.

Nice to meet you by the way.

Mother Hen said...

Hi Stimey,
I'm writing a post about your blog today. Actually, it will publish tomorrow morning. I love your plan and find that your before photos inspire me. I'm small 'taters in blogdom so it won't make a big difference in your daily hit count, but I thought you'd want to know.

Also, I have a question. Where did you get your widget that keeps count of your banished items?

I love your 6 items per day plan. I have just started de-junkifying my house, but each time I set out to work an area, I end up with full boxes and full trash bags, so I'm very thrilled that it's working for me.

Mother Hen

m said...

Ah, the Oriental Trading leftovers -- I know them well. We took up geocaching a few years ago -- do you know about geocaching? A kind of high-tech treasure hunt using a GPS ( -- your boys would probably enjoy it. Anyway, when you find a cache, you trade (or just leave) little items for others to find. A GREAT way to unload O.T. crapola. (The downside, of course, is that the kids get to take something else out of the cache. Still, if you try hard, you can unload more than you acquire.)

Ann - One Bag Nation said...

I was already laughing about the sets of seven extra stocking stuffers (that is so me!!) when I read about the book covers - still laughing, or is it crying?? You go girl!

Stimey said...

Mother Hen: Thank you! I will check it out first thing tomorrow! I'm so glad to inspire you. There are certain areas of my house that provide me with bags and bags of stuff too. It's very satisfying.

My widget is actually just a table I created using html code. I update it manually every time I post.