Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cookbook Clutter

The Junk Pyramid took a little bit of a hit today.

In an effort to make Quinn poop, I've resorted to buying trinkets to bribe him. I tried to find cheap things that I wouldn't hate ten minutes after I gave them to him, but that's tough. So I brought possible future junk into my house today.

I didn't do too badly though. I ended up buying several Playmobil knights. And a mermaid. And a merman. Those are sort of for me though. Have I mentioned how much I adore Playmobil toys?

Anyway, I was at Target buying the above and running into this lovely lady, when I pictured my Junk Pyramid Count* in my head. Everytime I bring something into the house that is not a necessary or semi-necessary (Alex and I have different opinions about necessity) item, Alex tells me that I should subtract it from my count.

Goddamn lawyer.

Anyway, I don't feel bad enough to start subtracting items from my count, but I do feel bad enough that I came straight home and organized and decluttered my cookbook cabinet.

The before:

Yes, that is the empty ant farm up on the top shelf. It's waiting for my next foray into insecticide.

This cabinet is also where I keep my tape. Because if I keep it lower down, my kids will use it to tape off entire rooms and create giant wasteful messes. FUN FACT: Jack's teacher this year had to remove the tape from her classroom's writing table specifically because of him. He would use it to tape off the housekeeping corner so no one could go in.

I found a lot in here. Like three sushi cookbooks. Please. I'm not making homemade sushi anytime soon, and if I do, that's what the internet is for. I also found water balloons, an unopened package of nightlights, and a baby monitor adapter.

I found Rachael Ray's cookbook. I decided to keep it. For now. But she's on probation. I kept one kid's cookbook and multiple books containing "tips" about cooking. Tips like "How to boil an egg." I swear to God, every single damn time I hardboil eggs, I have to look it up. Although the last time, I accidentally left them boiling for, like, 45 minutes and they were fine, so I'm not sure what I'm worried will happen.

This is what I got rid of:

That's 20 books, 2 notebooks, and an adapter for a baby monitor that I gave away weeks ago. I think I might try to sell some of these. I'll have to wipe the food off of them first though.

And here is what I'll find in a month or so when I decide to cook a meal for my family:

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.


Oh, and I can't forget the single, but GIANT item I got rid of on Monday. I invited some people over to play in my pool and convinced one of them to take this home:

I bought that thing four years ago for Jack's first birthday thinking it would be something he and Sam could play on together and wouldn't be just another thing cluttering up my house. (It would clutter up my yard instead, of course.)

Well, my kids have used it maybe ten times since I've gotten it. And that's only when one of their friends is over and wants to play on it. So long, teeter totter! May you have years of happiness killing someone else's grass.

Total items for today (and Monday): 24

* I think that "The Count" is getting increasingly unreliable. The number of items I've gotten rid of is accurate, and the goal number jives with the number of days (I think). It's just that the number of days may be a figment of my imagination at this point. I try to remember to update it even when I don't post, but frankly, I cannot guarantee that this is day 126. Just some truth in reporting for you.


m said...

Truth in reporting is admirable, but we fans of TJP are looking at the Big Picture, so don't sweat it on our account.

And tell your huz that "Items Banished" are exactly that. Subtracting for purchases? I don't THINK so, Lawyer Boy.

Speaking of items banished...Did you get a head count on those ants?

Threeundertwo said...

I bribed my son with hot wheels cars to get him to stay dry through the night. When he did, he got to pick one out from a lovely display I made on the buffet. I don't count them as junk because they're for his "collection." Of course, your playmobil figures are part of your collection - not junk.

I have a bunch of back issues of cooking magazines mixed in with my cookbooks. You're inspiring me to clear those out.

houndrat said...

My son is a tape addict as well. I can't remember the number of times I've gone to wrap presents, or tape boxes to mail, and all the tape is gone. We now keep it in the upper cabinets, with the sharpies (for obvious reasons).

And I wish one of us were an "Alex". Both hubby and I love to horde junk, which doesn't make for a very organized house. In fact, if I can navigate my way to the front door, we're doing good.

Kim said...

I love this blog.

I have 28 years of toys that I am ostensibly "saving" for my Grandkids that are not even in the pipeline yet.

I wonder how much is really junk.

The Micromachines and Matchbox cars are probably good and Playskool "Little People"(the older kind) live forever.

I'm praying Ghostbusters comes back because we have EVERY SINGLE toy ever made relating to that movie.

I'm not kidding!

PS - great meeting you in SF! First day during "Speed Dating"! LOL

Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

normally, I am opposed to getting rid of cookbooks, but even sometimes I have to break that rule. Your cabinet looks so much better after the purge!

My husband has a similar rule about shoes, I ignore him.

Great meeting you yesterday at the unconference, thanks for the luggage tag and useful community discussion....