Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garage Giveaways

I was so sad the other day when an organization called to try to arrange a charity pickup on a day I was going to be out of town. But then two days ago an MS charity called to say they would come by on Monday. I absolutely love it when people come to my house to pick up my stuff. Love it.

Now, one of my unwritten rules here at The Junk Pyramid (there are many such rules, and they change on a semi-daily basis) is that when I am collecting bags of pre-sorted junk from my garage for a pickup, I must also collect at least six other items from the garage.

If I continue to do that, my garage will be cleaned out right on time. In 2032.

So I randomly chose a bin and found 20 items. (A couple of things didn't make it into the exceptionally well-lit photo above.)

In the photo you will find completely unused baking paraphernalia that I won at a raffle three years ago. You'll also see another plastic Eddie Bauer water bottle and some more pieces of baby monitor. (How many baby monitors did I have to begin with, anyway?) There is a square tablecloth, which is funny because I don't have any square tables.

There are also five flower-shaped trivets there. Way back when I lived in Oakland, California, there was an elderly couple who lived on our street. They invited us to come over to their garage sale one day. Alex went, and once there under the very watchful eyes of this couple, he felt obligated to purchase something. The only thing is, this was not so much a garage sale as a sale of dollar store items marked up 1000 percent. Alex bought one of the cheapest items, which was a package of these trivets for $10. We still have five or six of them in the kitchen.

Total items for today: 20


Friend H said...

I am definitely inviting Alex to my next garage sale!

Joeymom said...

I have four baby monitors. I actually still use them. I can hear what is going on in the basement and boy rooms. :)

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Ok, if my parents lived in Oakland and not PA I would say that Alex bought those trivets from them since they have ones that are frighteningly similar! Glad you got rid of them. They are relics of my childhood!