Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Great Toy Purge of Aught-Eight is Complete

I've been missing around these parts lately. I've spent the past week spending every second I haven't been in charge of my children working on a job I had due for my videography business.

But even in the midst of deadline chaos, I did not forget about my Pyramid. Because every second I was alone with my kids I spent in the basement playroom finishing my Basement Reorganization and Toy Purge.

And purge I did:

Some of that is destined for the trash and some of it is good for donation. Regardless of its destination, there are 31 less items in my basement than there were yesterday.

So now I think that every toy we have is one we use. I no longer have broken toys. I no longer have toys that are too young for my kids. I no longer have toys that my kids don't play with. I no longer have assorted bits of trash in my basement.

And the basement is super organized and beautiful. I don't think I'm ever going to let a kid play in there again. I think I would like to preserve it in its current state.


Anonymous said...

Very, very nice. I'm impressed!


Friend H said...

You know what I do with those little toys like the hand clapper thingy and the smiley face thingy in your picture? I collect them all year long in a bag and then I hand them out with my Halloween candy. I say- spread the clutter around to other people!

Killy said...

I too have some these types of toys in my collection!!

m said...

Quick, take a picture of the basement before they get back in!

Ann - One Bag Nation said...

Way to go Stimey! I've been doing some stealth decluttering in DD's room; I can't make it look too tidy or she'll know I've been in there, LOL!

Threeundertwo said...

Must. do. this.

Manic Mommy said...

Wow! I literally can't walk across my playroom due to "laundry issues". But if I look past the stacks of clothes, I see an empty toy box that looks like it vomited its contents.