Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is Why My Suitcase Weighed 68 Pounds

Since I got home from my trip, my bag of pared down swag has been sitting on my counter. Every time I start to look at it I see more things that I can't believe I brought home. Fortunately, I am supposed to be passing on a swag bag to another blogger soon. That bag is on my counter as well, so whenever I find anything I don't need, I just toss it into her bag.

It's good stuff. It's just not good for me.

Like that Merci chocolate in the back center. Like I need more chocolate.

Or the Sesame Street mouse pad. What on God's green earth ever possessed me to pick that up? I use a trackball so I don't need a mouse pad. And my kids are scared of Sesame Street.

My kids are also apparently scared of sunglasses. Into the giveaway bag with them.

That little gray box in the foreground? I was excited when someone from kaboodle handed it to me because: Oooh! A little gray box!

I continued to be excited even after I found out it's a purse hook. Until I thought more about it and realized that although it's totally cool and all, I don't know that I have ever had a need for a purse hook. And if I did have a need, I'm not sure that the tiny hook would hold a purse packed full of pull-ups, sunscreen, and wooden trains.

Total items: 9


I'd also like to take this opportunity to post part of a comment I got on my last post about giving away swag. Emma says:
You can't count that as junk you've got rid of! You just brought it in... surely all the other swag should be subtracted from your total ;)
Clearly Emma has been talking to my husband because he's always telling me that when I bring a lot of crap into the house I should be subtracting it from my count.

Fortunately I make my own rules here at The Junk Pyramid, and you clutter accountants can suck it. (Oh, I kid. I love you all.)

Here is part of what I wrote back to Emma:
I believe that if I had refused the swag it wouldn't have counted as items I got rid of. But I don't think it matters how long something has been in my possession, as long as it is in my possession. Whether in a hotel room, or at home, I was still getting rid of my belongings. Especially the stuff I brought home in my suitcase.

If I had bought the items in SF, then given them away, they would have counted, right? Just 'cause it's free, doesn't mean it's not clutter.
I absolutely loved getting this comment though. I am thrilled to hear that someone cares enough to object! What do you guys think? Should it count or not?

(And don't think if you all say that it shouldn't count that I'll be removing those items from my count, 'cause I won't. Remember? My blog, my ridiculous rules.)


Friend H said...

I had the same objection as Emma when I read your last post. I definitely don't think you should have counted the 19 items you left in the Zwaggle room. The 21 you paid to bring home in your suitcase can count I guess.

Elaine said...

Count 'em double! You had something FREE and you resisted what must surely have been a great temptation to bring it home. Sort of like how I count NOT buying an expensive coffee that I was planning on buying as saving money.

Anonymous said...

Dude. I was there. If you had only seen the joy on Stimey's face when she realized she could count the discarded swag ... and then the abandon with which she proceeded to discard ... oh, my. It counts. It totally counts.

In fact, she should probably count my bag of swag that I took down to the Zwaggle room too. She inspired it, after all....

Amy said...

I brought home like a thousand bucks worth of swag, and my kids all fought over the clown nose. There were dozens in the zwaggle room. Who knew?

xoxo, SG

Amy said...

Also, PS to Zwaggle. Stay open on Sunday next year. Even though I thought I had sorted enough, I left tons behind for the maid (I hope)

xoxo, SG

m said...

zThe fact that you cast a critical eye over said swag immediately after it entered your home is reason enough why you should be allowed to add the discards to your count.

(That, and the fact that it's YOUR freakin' blog. As whymommy says, "Dude.")

Come on, folks, give her a pass on this one. But it becomes a nasty little habit (Stimey buys a dozen eggs, make a double batch of cookies and counts the broken shells as 12 items discarded), then I for one will feel the need to revisit this pressing issue.

Thrift Store Mama said...

It's a similar formula to the argument I use when purchasing semi-necessary items: If I wanted a frivolous from Pampered Chef, but I find it at the thrift store and buy it, does it still count as a frivolous item and therefore I should not purchase it. Or, does a price tag of $2.82 as opposed to $28.00 make it unfrivolous. I think you always know if your heart if they should count or not.

Emma said...

For the record I would totally have picked up everything at BlogHer - and be stuffing it into a drawer!


Well done on getting rid of more stuff - I hope it finds it's way to a good home (the chocolate would be welcome at mine!!)

Stimey said...

Emma, I had two boxes of the chocolate. I ate one before I decided I was already fat enough. :)

Jessica, Italy Logue said...

I adore that purse hook... It's genius, and it's great for travel. And... I already had one. *shrugs* Maybe I'll find a good home for the new one - perhaps it's time for a contest on the blog! :)