Saturday, July 5, 2008

Virtual Uncluttering

I'm not going to add any numbers to my count, but I threw a whole bunch of things in the trash today. The reason I'm not counting them is because I threw them into my computer's trashcan.

I spent about a half hour today and a half hour yesterday clearing out and streamlining my computer and email.

Yesterday I organized my Hotmail account and all my contacts. I marked people as favorites and mercilessly removed people from my favorites list. I deleted email folders that were useless and trashed messages I'd saved that let me know that the shoes I ordered two years ago were shipped. End result: my email will be marginally simpler to use. And I'm only using 1% instead of 5% of my allotted storage.

But I feel better.

And today I cleaned out my external hard drives. I have two of them. One is dedicated to videography projects and one is dedicated to my job, my videography, my volunteer positions, and my blogging. I cleared a lot of extraneous files and folders so that everything is a lot more organized and uncluttered.

My house may not be cleaner, but my computer is.


Threeundertwo said...

This counts as major decluttering in my book. How do you add favorites/delete favorites? I've been meaning to do this but I can't figure it out. If you have a sec, can you either post how-to here or email me threeundertwo at hotmail?


Kelly said...

I sooo need to do that! I bought a flash drive awhile back to back up all of my photographs onto so I can delete them off of my hard drive. Not done yet. Someday.........