Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At This Rate, the Garage Will Be Spotless by 2018

When I got home from my vacation, one of the items in my two weeks worth of mail was a notice from the Purple Heart people. The notice said that they would be in my neighborhood on the 20th and I could put stuff outside for them to pick up if I so desired.

Oh, I desire.

I had some stuff saved up from previous decluttering efforts, so I had things to donate, but by the time I remembered that I had to put bags outside, it was 11:30 p.m. and I was in no mood to put bags together.

Then I remembered two of the rules I go by here at the Pyramid:

1. If someone wants to pick something up, I have to donate something.

2. I can't just give them items I have ready. I have to cull at least six things out of my garage.

Do you know what garages are like at 11:30 at night? There are crickets. And one of them attacked me. It was horrible. I may have screamed.

I didn't come up with much, not wanting to get too deeply into cricket territory. This photo is not good, but that is because I took it in the middle of the night in a cluttered garage. I'll guide you through it.

There is a humidifier there that I don't need because, hello? I live in Maryland. And it's humid here. Plus, even when I lived in a dry place, I regularly forgot to fill it with water.

There are two baskets there. As soon as I had them out I got all excited thinking, "Well, these are perfectly good baskets. I bet I could find a use for these baskets. Maybe I should keep these." And then I mentally slapped myself. Hard.

Because these baskets have been in the garage for four years and I haven't used them. And I couldn't think of an immediate use for them. So I stuffed them in the bag as fast as I could so I couldn't talk myself out of donating them. Hopefully someone else will have a very good, pressing use for them.

I also found a coat hook, an old remote, a tiled cup (wha—?), partially used (four-year-old) nail polish remover, and some (four-year-old) face cleanser. I think I donated the cup and maybe the remote, but the rest of these things went in the trash.

Total items: 8

Not bad for a middle of the night garage hunt.


Anonymous said...

I would have killed for that plastic basket.

BetteJo said...

I'll trade you my giant furry spiders for your crickets any day! You could have donated a few crickets you know. One person's trash ...

Manic Mommy said...

Humidfiers here are totally used as white noise sleep inducers.

Anonymous said...

just fell into your site (ow!) via why mommy. just another wacky DC area mom.

i think on the first day of school, i will take up your noble cause and try to deep-six six items every day. great idea.