Thursday, August 28, 2008

DWI: Decluttering While Infuriated

I often find that when decluttering, it is beneficial to go back over the same space more than once. Things that you decide are keepers the first time often don't make the cut the second time.

This has been true for me often when I go through clothes. I also find it to be the case when I'm cleaning my sons' room. Even though it's the same room with the same things in it, I can find items to throw out each time I clean.

Somehow if I'm irritated at my kids, or if their room is especially messy, I get rid of more than if I were calmer.

So here's the moral of the story: Declutter when you're mad.

Several days ago, I cleaned and reorganized my little dudes' room. The gross things I uncovered in there made me angry. Consequently, I got rid of more many more books that I would have had I not found petrified cheese and banana peels under their bed.

43 books to be exact. I used my guidelines for book decluttering with a couple of addendums: a) if it makes noise, it is not a book we need, and b) if it features Barney, it is not welcome in my home anymore.

I also got rid of one book of diagrams of Lego structures. And one toy not shown here. Plus, I put a bunch of things in the garage to see if they'll notice that they're gone. If they don't, I'll donate them soon.

Total items: 45


BetteJo said...

I'm afraid half of the stuff from when my kids were young is still sitting in boxes in the garage. Went through about half of it recently but not nearly enough. I envy your lack of clutter.
Or would that be - lessening of clutter?

Amy said...

I recognize every single book in that pile from our book shelf.

PS: I started decluttering late one night and left the box out (Rookie mistake) and wouldn't you know that the next morning the kids are sitting there around the box like it's frickin Christmas morning.

xoxo, SG

m said...

I too have been guilty of DWI. Interesting, isn't it, how productive rage can be?

Your pencil post reminds me: My favorite recycling method for books (not the toddler/Barney ones, but anything 'older') is to give them to teachers in my kids' elementary school. They are always happy to get more for their classroom libraries.

Fall definitely brings out my decluttering instincts. I don't know if it's the desire for the fresh start with a new school year, a way to keep myself busy while worrying about my kids, or just the fear of being caged with all this crap for another winter.

Kelly said...

I am LMAO at Barney not being welcome in your house anymore. If only I had nickle for every time I said that! Luckily we are slowly starting to exit the Barney phase for the last time.

Cara Fox said...

Amen to this! I do my best decluttering when my heart is hard, whether because I'm angry about something or just sick of all the crap piling up on me!

I'm much more likely to toss stuff in the giveaway box without a second glance, instead of laboring over all of the various (unlikely to occur) circumstances in which I MIGHT need the item again. In all of my DWI years, I have only mistakenly gotten rid of one thing - two different hand blenders I received as wedding gifts (no, I did not register for them). I wondered what in the hell you ever used a hand blender for, until last fall I stumbled into a soup-making phase and I had to ask for a new one for my birthday.