Saturday, August 30, 2008


I finally found someone who can use the party hats I've been hoarding!

And I've decided that we no longer need straw cups or their associated little bowls. Or the doorknob childproofing device I found on the counter.

Total items: 15


BetteJo said...

You do have a lot of stuff, don't you?

De in D.C. said...

I use those little bowls almost on a daily basis for my son's lunches instead of ziploc bags. We have probably 10 of the Ziploc brand ones and never seem to have enough clean. They do eventually fall apart (or shatter when dropped), but 50 uses is 50 baggies saved.

Anonymous said...

De, what are you doing?

I kid. I love those little cups and bowls too. We load 'em up with grapes and blueberries and they don't get squished.

(Thanks for the hats, Stimey! But even more? Thanks for keeping me out of that PARTY STORE.)