Friday, August 29, 2008

Socks, Superbad, and Red Pants

Do you have those areas that you just never go through? Quinn's socks used to reside in such a place. We had a little bin full of socks ranging in size from 6-9 months to 4/5 years.

I finally went through it and got rid of every sock that was either excessively threadbare or for a child younger than three years of age. I found 8 1/2 pairs to get rid of.

After that I did a routine clean-out of the guys' summer clothes. I found one baby hat and nine shirts that Quinn will never ever wear, even though they are the cutest things ever. I mean, just look at some of those party-hearty Hawaiian-style shirts.

The Superbad shirt came with the DVD I gave Alex for Christmas. Why there was a semi-tiny shirt included with that movie I don't quite get. And how it wound its way into Sam's drawer, I also don't understand, but Sam proudly wore it enough times to stain it. But it seemed like a bad idea to dress him in it and then send him to places, or other locations with...people.

It also seemed like a bad idea to send it to school with Jack as an art smock. I am aware of the "cool-factor" of such a thing. I am also aware of the "bad parent-factor" of such a thing.

There are some red pants in that pile that all three of my children wore the hell out of. I am going to miss those red pants. They were awesome.

Farewell, red pants.

Total items: 20.5


BetteJo said...

Oh you're good.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am going to miss those red pants. YM