Friday, September 26, 2008

Crap in the Bathtub*

I've been accumulating bath toys since my kids were tiny. Now that they're giant, on days when they all cram into the tub together**, there is barely enough room for them what with their giant limbs and all the plastic toys in there and whatnot.

My bathtub toys problem is exacerbated by the fact that our only bathtub is in our main bathroom that doubles as our public bathroom. Below is what guests in my home see when they go to the bathroom. (I'm not going to get into what they smell. My kids have bad urine aim.)

I re-categorized their Bionicles, all of which came from Happy Meals, as basement toys. Then I took away almost all of the rest of their toys. While they were bathing.

It was a bold move.

Weirdly, no one objected. I think they were starved for space as well.

I was able to get rid of a lot. Most of these toys they played with a lot. I'm going to donate them in the hope that some other littler kids will get as much joy out of them as we have.

And this is what guests to my house will see in my bathroom from now on. (Urine stench remains.)

Total items: 16

* Not THAT kind of crap.

** Yes, we're THAT lazy that we bathe all three of our kids together in our tiny tub. Sam showers sometimes, but it really just seems like that requires a lot of extra supervision and teaching him how to be an independent person and shit. We mostly prefer to just assembly-line wash them instead.


Kelly said...

I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to weed through our tub toys. Thanks for the motivation. I have the same urine smell. Four males that swear it's not as easy as I think it is to aim. UGH

Manic Mommy said...

Yup just had to throw away an entire pile of newly peed-upon magazines formerly kept on a rack attached to the toilet tank.

I witnessed it and I still can't explain the wild pitch.

BetteJo said...

I took a bunch of toilet paper and tore it into individual squares. Then I drew pictures (that's a generous description) of bullseyes, ships (sink the battleship) - stuff like that. Each time my son went into pee he would take one square, drop it in the toilet and then aim for it. I hear some people use Cheerios (only 1 per pee) - they float so the boys can get practice aiming while they try to sink them.

m said...

Ah, the bathtub purge. I remember it well. Call me unsentimental, but I was happy when my guys got big enough to shower.

As for the pee issue: I now make the boys wipe down their toilet(with clorox wipes) every single day(they alternate). Their aim seemed to improve once they had to clean up their own puddles.

tulipmom said...

That smell drives me crazy ... I can't imagine it times 3!!

Baby Bunching said...

This makes me feel SOOO much better!!!! our bathroom looks and probably smells the same. Yipppeee!!!