Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Left-Hand Drawers

Hi! Still here! I just haven't had a chance to do a lot of decluttering lately. This weekend I decided to take on the two drawers on the left side of my desk. I've been avoiding them because it seemed like a lot of work. But they were useless as they were, because I couldn't get down into them.

What I started with:

I did a fair amount of recycling out of these drawers, but I don't count regular recycling or trash as decluttering.

What I got rid of:

I made those photos tiny because there is nothing very exciting there. For all the things that were crammed into those drawers, I didn't come up with a lot to get rid of.

I did find some random pieces of candy in one of the drawers. I made the mistake of eating a Twizzler bite I found. I'm lucky I didn't chip a tooth.

Mostly I found things like the labels you put on video tapes. You know how they always put a sheet with four or five labels in with a tape that only has room for two labels? I keep the extras. That is the kind of thing I found in there.

I found some headphones I used to use to talk via Skype to my mom. I say "used to" because I managed to destroy the USB connector somehow.

But even though I wasn't able to get rid of a lot, I was able to reorganize enough that these drawers will be useful again.

My afters:

With a side of:

Total items for the day: Minimal. But because I decluttered, I'm going to count it as 6.


I'm working on some projects to make The Junk Pyramid more than a journal of my decluttering. I'm going to start posting some how-to and resource pages. Please let me know if there is anything you are interested in hearing about, or if you have tips that you think would be worthwhile to include here.



Anonymous said...

Just one question: will you come declutter my house for me? I'm inspired, but lacking motivation. So, you wanna?

Stimey said...

Anonymous: I kinda do. I think I would be really good at decluttering someone else's house. You would maybe not be pleased with the amount of things I would get rid of though. :)

Anonymous said...

Since autumn is rapidly descending upon us up here in the north, I'm curious to know how others do seasonal de-cluttering. Just thinking about the amount of Halloween stuff in my basement makes me want to puke!

m said...

This from today's NYTimes:

Good thing there isn't a Container Store or one of those types of places near me. I am totally one of those people who would want to buy the nifty boxes before doing the purging and organizing.

Thrift Store Mama said...

But don't stop the journal of your decluttering. I find it very motivating. I love cleaning other people's houses - so if you start a decluttering business I'll clean it afterwards.